Marlon Wayans Attacked By Fans For Celebrating His Lesbian Daughter During Pride Month

On today’s episode of “people should mind the business that pays them,” all of those individuals that have something to say about Marlon Wayans and his daughter! The actor recently shared an endearing message to his daughter as they celebrate Pride month together, and some fans are feeling some type of way, spewing messages of hate and negativity.

Marlon Wayans is part of a huge tribe of Wayans brothers and sisters who are staples in the entertainment industry. In 2005 he married his longtime girlfriend Angelica Zackary and their union produced 2 children (prior to marrying), Amai and Shawn. The couple has since divorced in 2013.

Marlon has written, developed, produced, and acted in various projects, many which have been box-office smashes. According to him, his greatest accomplishments have been his children. Wayans shared a touching post to his eldest, Amai, who turned 21 in May.

“Amai, you’re nothing short of exceptional. Your intelligent, wise, weird, off beat, strange, perfect, different, soulful, eclectic, sweet, talented, beautiful and so much more,” the Respect actor wrote on Instagram. “I know you know how much I adore you, love you, respect you.”

Marlon credits her for helping him to grow, mature, communicate, and “challenging his way of thinking.” Truly a sight to see and behold was his touching message to Amai during Pride in 2019 when the young lady was 19-years-old. “Happy pride 🌈 to my pride and joy,” wrote Wayans to his daughter on Instagram. He shared a picture of her wearing sneakers that embodied the rainbow colors on the soles of their feet. “I wouldn’t change one effing thing about you. Love you to the moon around the sun through the galaxies and back again,” he added.

It seems as though some fans had a big issue with Marlon not only sharing the touching message to his daughter, but his acceptance of her lifestyle also. The comment section was filled with love but intermixed were negative comments like “she looks like a dude to begin with”, and “Whoop her a** man.”

One user suggested “She’s not old enough to understand what that’s really all about. You have the power to change lives Bro, don’t teach her that.” Marlon did not sit back and let the comments ride as he took the time to defend his daughter. “She’s 19. She’s who she is until or until she don’t choose different,” Wayans replied. “Love her for her not what [I] want her to be.”

Another user was seen in the comments with an encouraging word for the actor and comedian to “keep this happy” and delete the negative comments, but Wayans decided to keep them for the world to see the “ignorance” that still remains in the world.

“I thought of erasing them but I need the world to see the ignorance that still exists,” responded Marlon. “Objective without obstacles is a worthless triumph. We all will some day get to unconditional love. Because of my daughter I am one step closer. I am not God, I don’t judge I just LOVE. And still pray for the haters because I refuse to judge them too I just love.”

Marlon further discussed his love and support for his daughter coming out in an interview with Real 92.3 LA. In the interview, he shares that Amai came out to him when she was 14 in quite a hilarious way. “She said, ‘Dad, I kissed a girl and I think I liked it,’” he explained. “And I said, ‘Really, b***h? You gon’ break the news to me in the form of a Katy Perry song? Why Katy Perry, though? Pick an artist I like! Does Aretha Franklin have anything? Does Beyonce have anything you can come out the closet to?”

He added, “But I don’t judge my kids. I love them! It teaches you unconditional love. I think kids need the embrace of parents so they don’t feel like they’re alone and they’re being judged. And I think it’s my job to love my kid. Now everybody’s like, ‘Well, the Bible say!’… We don’t know. The Bible say ‘don’t have premarital sex’ so if you gon be in hell, everybody gon’ be in there together!”

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