“Marques, Tell Your Wife All The Things That You’ve Done”: Raz-B Claims Marques Houston’s A Creep, Calls Him Out Along With Chris Stokes One Last Time

B2K member De’Mario Monte Thornton, aka Raz-B, is not going to let up until he receives justice for what he alleges to have gone through with former manager Chris Stokes.  For years, Raz has been trying to get his truth on the accusations of assault at the hand of Stokes both heard and believed, but his cries seemingly fall on deaf ears. Yet, he’s becoming vocal again in his fight and is proving his resilience is still intact.

As previously reported, Raz’s attempts to tell his story were once again silenced after the recent shelving of his Fox Soul interview. After the network received a cease and desist letter, Raz has been adamant on Stokes being administered a polygraph test to prove his “innocence”.  

More pressure was applied when B2K lead singer Omarion’s brother O’Ryan also showed his support for Raz.  When Chris Stokes appeared under the comments of one of his recent pictures with a few emojis, O’Ryan simply replied back “TAKE THE POLYGRAPHS” along with eyeball emojis.  

Although O’Ryan himself has not implied that he is a victim of abuse by Stokes, he went on a Live session to explain why he chose to stand up for Raz.  “Just because you not a victim doesn’t mean you can’t speak up and say something,” said O’Ryan to his viewers.  “This person thought they could just be on my comments… I just had to let him know, this is not sweet. You know, the experience I had over there was not good for me.” 

Now Raz is definitely not ready to take his feet off the gas, as he is sick and tired of Stokes ducking and dodging the alleged situation.  Ready for the truth to come to the light, Raz is back with another video to his alleged abuser.   “What’s up [expletive],” he says addressing Stokes. “Oh, my bad, I can’t refer to you as that because you like little boys. “It’s been seven, it’s been 10 days. Don’t have nobody reach out to me. You know my number, n***a. The 9168 number. Call me, ’cause I know and you know, I wouldn’t want to be in jail. I’m trying to save you, n***a. But you gotta do the right thing, bro.”

Continuing in his video to Stokes, he decides to bring in Marques Houston to the party (as this isn’t the first time Houston has been brought up into these accusations).  “Stop abusing your power,” adds the “Bump Bump Bump” singer. “You say you a Jehovah’s Witness. And Marques, why don’t you tell your wife all the things that you’ve done. That n***a’s a creep, by the way. You know what it is. I want that fade, n***a. And pull up by yourself.”

No word on whether or not Chris Stokes will actually take the test, but fans have been continuously supporting Raz B in his claims.  “Keep up the fight!! We are ALL supporting you brotha !!! Proud of y’all for speaking up!!” wrote one user.  Another comments, “Onnnnn God I was like i know we not forgetting about Marcus Houston oh sliding in the rain ass – Raz B with the Win… Chris Stokes handcuffs and orange jump suit”

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