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Master P Criticizes Monica’s Loyalty, Reminds Singer She’s Been Married Twice Since Brother, Corey Miller Was Put Away

Corey Miller, brother to mogul Master P, has been seeing a resurgence in the attempts to have him freed lately.  What should be a joyous turn of events have kind of begun to sour, as Master P and Monica have entered into a bit of a disagreement recently.

As reported before, Kim Kardashian has stepped in the ring in tandem with Monica, who dated Miller before he was locked up..  Miller, who was convicted of shooting 16 year old in a nightclub in 2002, has always claimed his innocence, while his family has been relentlessly fighting on his behalf.  When the news broke that the two would be joining forces to help achieve his freedom, both Corey and brother Master P shared statements on their Instagrams, thanking them in their own way.  

Master P seemed to have a little skepticism due to his past experiences with the justice system in Louisiana in respect to Miller’s case, however still shared gratitude in the hopes that the fight would be successful.  “Louisiana is serious,” he says. “We done spent millions of dollars throughout all these years and, you know, this place has a lot of corruption. Hopefully, Kim K and her celebrity status– but, this is not going to be easy.”

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In what now seems to be a 180 for Master P, the businessman took to Instagram with an ax to grind in regards to his brother.  The No Limit CEO feels as though his brother is acknowledging the work of his friends rather than the years of hard work his family has been putting in for his potential freedom. He labels his brother “ungrateful” in the video, and shares that not only did he not know his brother had social media until recently, he felt that the posts on his social media didn’t feel like him.   “Some of the stuff don’t even look like he wrote it but if he did or it’s his people… bloggers, fake media people, they’re gonna take that stuff and run it,” he explains. 

In one of Miller’s recent posts, he called Monica and Kim Kardashian his “angels”.  This in particular also didn’t sit well with Master P, as he said their grandmother who recently passed was always labeled their angel.  “I know Kim Kardashian put out one tweet and she’s his angel,” he says, “which is crazy to me.”  He points his aim towards Monica a bit more, sarcastically calling Monica his “ride or die” and questioning her motives due to her recent divorce.  “You gotta have a heart for people that really helped you. Monica just got divorced last year, so I’m thinking like, that’s your ride or die? That’s cool. If that’s the way you feel.” 

Well, the singer did not take kindly to her efforts being misconstrued as well her name being drug into the mud.  She wrote back to him in order to defend herself and provide clarity.  She directly mentions him and declares, “I have been respectful towards you and you have refused to do the same!  You can NOT speak on me because you do not know me ! I have only conversed with Silkk! This matter is between you MEN, you’re brothers ! Leave me out of this because my efforts have BEEN the same! I just didn’t see the need to post it!”  She then attempts to redirect his attention to the matter at hand: his freedom.  “I connected him to Kim 7 months ago he’s never not be able to hit me , my mother or brother and get what he needs ! FOCUS ON HIS FREEDOM!”

Master P has since deleted his scathing video, but not before other outlets were able to capture the footage.

The rapper is now speaking a different tune in somewhat of an apology to Monica in a new video. In the caption, Master P says he’s man enough to admit when he’s wrong, and he has no beef with Monica. “We’re doing too much positive to have to deal with the negative. I have no beef with @monicadenise She got caught up into some family drama that we have to fix and I am man enough to admit that. No family is perfect, we all go through turmoil but with God all things are possible. I love my brother and can’t wait till he get home. We can’t allow the devil to steal our joy. We are bigger than this! “

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