Master P Says DMX OD Could Have Been Prevented

Rapper DMX is still on life support this week as family and friends rally around him hoping for the best. The “Party Up” icon is said to be in a vegetative state and has yet to regain consciousness. His kids reportedly rushed to his side earlier this week with some speculating he may not pull through.

DMX has been very public about his battle with addiction over the years. He was introduced to drugs at a young age and not on his own accord. A local neighborhood elder slipped him a joint that was laced, something that scared him for the rest of his life. He spoke with Talib Kweli about it a few years back.

“Everything in my life is blessed with a curse,” said DMX. “I didn’t smoke cigarettes, I didn’t smoke weed, I didn’t do anything, 14 years old.” X said started the story, saying he was with friend’s for a birthday at the time.

Several friends have made comments about the Yonkers MC and their thoughts on his current state.

Tiny Harris took to her social media to offer fans updates on X, and help dispel any conflicting reports in the media. The post was from X’s family who has several celebrity friends post it in support of the rapper.

The statement’s mission was to “combat all the false and misleading reports that are circulating on social media.” Posted along with a video of the rapper saying a passionate prayer, the statement continued: “At this time he remains in ICU in critical condition. Earl has been a warrior his entire life. This situation represents yet another road he must cross.” 

Today, Master P spoke up on X’s situation, offering up words of caution and encouragement. TMZ caught up with the rap legend.

“DMX is an icon,” started Master P. “I just hate that we have to wait for something to happen to one of us before everybody really starts saying how much they care and love you. We got to figure out how to prevent that. The truth hurts– drugs done killed a lot of our great ones. It’s sent a lot of them to prison. I’m praying for DMX and his family. I hope that people start celebrating these icons while they’re alive. Imagine all the stuff that we could have prevented for DMX to help him. I feel like hip-hop needs some type of union. The NBA has it. What happens when a guy falls off after he done sold millions and millions of records? We need that.”

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