Mathew Knowles Reveals Adult Members Of Jagged Edge Were ‘Inappropriate’ With Teenage Beyonce and Kelly Rowland While On Tour, Regrets Putting Them On The Same Tour

Matthew Knowles, father of the uber-famous singer-dancer-actress-fashion designer-model-you name it- Beyonce Knowles-Carter and former manager of her career-launching chart-topping group, Destiny’s Child, is lifting the gag.

The elder Knowles, once publically touted as a great man, father, and much else, was submerged in storm of marital infidelity and managerial severance for the greater part of the last decade. Now he is uncorked and giving more insight to his thoughts and time as the starlet Pop-R&B group’s overseer.

After speaking in depth about the problems with Colorism in the entertainment industry and its implications on his daughter and her lifelong friend and band mate, Kelly Rowland, he’s now recounting a time in which he was forced to intervene in a situation between members of male R&B quartet, Jagged Edge and the still underage members of Destiny’s Child.

In his recent interview with VladTV, he details the time when the two popular groups shared a tour roughly 20 year ago, “Now, remember the girls are minors, they’re 16 years old… the guys are 21 and 22 years old. I have a fiduciary duty with minors, by the law, there’s a certain way I have to manage that.” He intimates that Beyonce and Kelly got him involved as they were “constantly being harassed” by two of the members of the notable “Let’s Get Married”group.

He added, “I couldn’t have that. I literally had to put the guys off the bus in Baton Rouge, LA. That began all of this drama.”

It had previously been rumored that a thinly-veiled rebuttal had been made by a Jagged Edge representative but no response stands at this time.

Flaws aside, if anything remotely close to the aforementioned events occurred, Mr. Knowles earns respect as a protector of young black women and as a father. In the midst of a social reckoning, for abusers of women and the abundant use of #protectblackwomen on twitter, let’s hope that a more thoughtful, more vigilant approach to the treatment of girls and women rises to the fore; a change of consciousness, which is proactive, rather than just the reactive consequences of said violations.

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