Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Meek Mill Accuses 6ix9ine Of Setting Him Up After Rapper Clash Outside Atlanta Nightclub

Tekashi 6ix9ine made himself a phenomenon by keeping a target on his back. The “FEFE” hitmaker has started beef with any and everyone he feels can help keep the spotlight on him and the streamings running up.

In the past he’s come for everyone from Trippie Red to YG, Casanova and more.

The Game and 69 have also had some heated exchanges in the past. Never one to back down from a bully match, The Game once had a crowd chant “F— 6ix9ine” during a tour stop in Europe on his 45 tour. he also called him a “fake a** blood”.

In response, 6ix9ine posted a video to his Instagram taking shots at the Compton MC. “I TURNED ‘GANGSTERS’ INTO CLOUT CHASERS,” he wrote. “I INVITE ALL YALL TO MY D—-. A KID WITH RAINBOW HAIR GOT THE WHOLE INDUSTRY RIGHT NOW AGGRAVATED.” He also taunted Game by posting a video on him on a talk show during his youth.

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6ix9ine and labelmate Trippie Redd are also at odds. Not keen to be on the wrong side of public opinion, Redd let his stance be known when accusations came out about 69 possibly being involved with underaged women. “I’m sorry brozay, 1400 don’t promote pedophiles,” he said. Soon after 69 had his crew jump Trippie. In a video posted shortly after the altercation, Redd said “He can’t come to LA at all. Never again. If 6ix9ine comes to LA, it’s over. I’m in New York right now. If y’all really think bro bout that, really go tell that n—- pull up right now.”

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Despite a healthy working relationship with Nicki Minaj, the same can’t be said for her ex Meek Mill. The Philly legend is the latest to fall into the rainbow haired rappers crosshairs.

Running into each other outside a club last night, footage from both rappers teams show the two throwing explicits at each other and clearly squaring up for a fight. 69 taunted Meek for having security. “I GOT MY OWN FIRE I DON’T NEED SECURITY IN THE CLUB.” 69 posted a clip of the fight with the following caption: “THEY TO TOUGH FOR SECURITY MEEK MILL RUNNING AROUND WITH POLICE!!! THIS HOW YOU EXPOSE THESE FAKE GANGSTAS,” he wrote on his IG post before taking it down.

According to Meek Mill, 6ix9ine was sent by the feds, stating “The feds sent him to take me out wtf. [I] had to spit on him so he retreated lol he really waited outside the club for me. I thought I was dreaming wtf we almost smoked him lol he posed a lil threat popping up in the parking lot waiting for me.”

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Meek Mill also claimed they did not run into each other and 6ix9ine was waiting for the rapper outside.

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