Megan Thee Stallion Could Be A Married Woman Soon After Boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine Pops The Question About ‘Wedding Season’

Everybody wanna know who Megan dating. Well, there’s a new romance in town and we love to see Black love winning, shining, and thriving.  Megan Thee Stallion and boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine (Pardi) have been the talk of the town and the love seems to be more real than ever.  As Megan Thee Stallion takes her social media hiatus and focuses on her life and happiness, it seems extremely evident that Pardison is a major contributor and it’s looking more serious than fans thought! 

For a long time, it seemed as though everyone was focused on who the Houston native could be dating.  The leader of the “Hot Girls” has been linked to celebrities from Trey Songz to G-Eazy.  No matter which male celeb she was pictured with, media outlets automatically insinuated that they were dating.  

And of course who could forget the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez shooting incident that happened in the summer of 2020.  According to rumors that DJ Akademiks revealed, the two were involved in some sort of an alleged entanglement around the time of the incident.  While unsure whether or not that is the case, we all know the status of their friendship, or relationship now.   

Back in February, social media was given the news firsthand by Megan when she hopped on her Instagram Live to confirm that she is indeed has a boyfriend.  Speculations arose when she had been on a previous live session and New York rapper Pardison Fontaine, real name Jorden Kyle Lanier Thorpe, could be heard yelling in the background.   

“People don’t know what the hell they talking about, they just be saying anything,” said the “Body” rapper. “I didn’t like what they was trying to say about Pardi. Cause he is so calm and so sweet. And very, you know … That’s my boo. And I really like him,” she said, confirming that he was indeed who she was dating.  “He is so perfect and he would never do anything to hurt me, just so y’all know.” 

“Y’all not about to play with my man,” she continued. “He don’t even be doing nothing to nobody. Yeah, he my boyfriend.” 

She further would continue to sing his praises a few weeks later with a Twitter post on her birthday (the day after Valentine’s Day), although saying that he was upset with her at the moment.  “I’m healthy, I can take care of myself, my friends & family love me , my boo love me (he mad at me rn but he still love me) shiddd Beyoncé love me , I’m just happy and blessed lol,” tweeted the Grammy-winning artist. 

Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend, Pardison also posted snaps of the time spent for their time spent for Valentine’s Day, including a private jet and dinner where the theme was “Pardi with a Hottie”.  Captioning the photos that sometimes you just have to “do the most”, do the most he did. 

 Speaking on the most recent Grammy Award ceremony, Pardison publicly praised his woman on winning three out of the four that she had been nominated for, which included Best New Artist.  They would continue to share intimate moments between the two as Megan shared that he was her “Mr. Hotboy.”   

“I’ve been grinding so hard lately the hotties are abt to be so proud,” she wrote on social media. “Literally all I’ve been doing is working and entertaining Mr hotboy.”  Pardi also posted a photo of her in bed with a bonnet on, claiming that when she wears it there is something about it that excites him. 

Now, they do say that it takes that one person to bring forth necessary changes to make someone better.  Pardi could indeed be that for Megan as she took to Twitter to share that even though she’s still having a “hot girl summer”, it may be disrupted.   

“Pardi really showed me what it’s like to respect your partner … [because] I used to be talking to people CRAZYYYY,” Megan The Stallion shared.  She added in a separate tweet, “My boyfriend let’s me be me [because] he confident I ain’t going no where … I like that.” 

The two may be more crazy in love than fans think, as Pardi took to his social media to ask his followers a thrilling question.   

“When is wedding season?” Pardison tweeted out.  Immediately, fans reacted with some offering themselves up to be his life partner despite him already being paired with Megan Thee Stallion.  There were those, however, that was not so thrilled about the two getting married. 

Check out a few fan reactions below. 

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