Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off New Body After 1 Week Of Intense Training

“Body” hit maker Megan Thee Stallion is looking to live up to her hits namesake. Kicking off the new year, the hip-hop star has decided to adopt a new fitness regimen and is taking fans behind the scenes with her in a series of videos on her Youtube channel and instagram titled “Hottie Bootcamp” sessions. The star is already showing results not even a month into 2021. 

“#HOTTIEBOOTCAMP WEEK 1 complete,” celebrated the H-Town Hottie. “We got a lil results or whateverrrrr.” she posted to her instagram account on January 25th. The sexy mirror selfies showing off her flatter tummy and toned arms currently has over 2 Million likes. This is ahead of her second week of boot camp. 

She kicked things off on January 17th when she posted a video titled “Thee Last Cheat Meal [Episode 1]”, which is currently sitting at almost 500k views on youtube. In it she detailed her desire to be a bit healthier this year, allowing herself and her camp one final cheat meal of fried chicken. In “Throwing Out The Junk Food [Episode 2]” only a day later, she cleaned out the house. Chips, cornbread, popcorn, croutons, pancakes and more were put on the chopping block. “Is butter a card?” she joked to the camera. 

By Day 3, her and trainer Tim were already replacing the junk stash with fresher healthier options, officially kicking off week 1. “The most important part is eating right” stated Tim. “We’ll be buying food every 2 days, keep everything fresh for my girl.” He gave some great tips in the 5 minute video, explaining how spices can help jumpstart your metabolism, and how to create healthier snacking options. He even let people in on Meg’s Hot Girl Smoothie, which he makes for her everyday. 

Tuesday kicked off week 2 of bootcamp, and if it’s anything like week 1 we can expect to see a lot more of Megan’s progress. Already she’s giving fans a glimpse into this week’s workout of choice, pole dancing. Posting to instagram, she had this to say “POLE DANCING IS THEE HARDEST WORK OUT IVE EVER DONE

Sometimes doing the same work outs or working out in the same places becomes a lil boring/ repetitious for me so I had to spice it up a little bit and take a pole class. This shit kicked my ass but I’m definitely going back ! What are somethings y’all do to keep the work out interesting ?#HOTTIEBOOTCAMP

If you’re looking for you’re own workout, Megan treated fans to a dance only edit of her hit “Body”, which she dropped January 25th. Enjoy.

Check out the reveal below:

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