Megan Thee Stallion Wins Major Victory In Court Against Tory Lanez, Judge Has Ruled Singer Must Remain Silent On Case

Fans waiting to hear his side of the story will have a wait a bit longer, cause Tory Lanez still can’t talk about what happened between him and Megan Thee Stallion last summer.

The Canadian Rapper and the Houston Hottie have done some extensive talking in the media, but when it comes to specifics, Tory hasn’t really been able to say much. That is because he is currently under a Gag order by the court. A motion to dismiss it was denied this week, meaning he’s been silenced a bit longer.

The ongoing preceding may be a shock to many, since rumors began to swirl last month that Megan had dropped charges. This is impossible however, because she never pressed any. The charges were filed by the L.A. County’s DA office.

Megan choose to stay silent after their ordeal out of fear of the police as well as some unspoken street codes. Tory however, tried to clear his name via music and some round about comments online. This sent Meg over the edge and she took to twitter to vent.

“AT THIS POINT IM GETTING ANNOYED ! STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE MF INTERNET.” She told her followers. “Imagine how I feel waking every day seeing people LIE and turn my trauma into a joke ? That whole team figures out ways to create doubt with my story every week and the media eats it up.”

She continued “Y’all can’t tell when s**t fake news? Y’all still don’t see an ABUSER picking with me ? The first court date got pushed back bc of the inauguration but I can’t wait until the MF FACTS come out ! Bitch you shot me AND MY STORY NOT CHANGING AND BITCH YOU GOING TO JAIL.”

Lanez has been very public about his frustrations in relation to the case and the fact that he can’t speak on it or address Megan directly online.

TMZ located documents from Lanez to the court detailing his anger and how he feels like he’s being treated “unfair”. He was also particularly upset about false reports made last summer claiming his camp was running a smear campaign on Megan. “Megan falsely insinuated he and his legal team had something to do with the bogus reports”, said the document.

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