Meghan McCain Says Will Smith ‘Can Get It’ Anytime He Wants

It seems like Will Smith can get even the most “conservative” to change their views a bit, even when it comes to thoughts of adultery.  The View co-host Meghan McCain, a known staunch conservative in her views and political stance just revealed that Smith could get it any time he wants! 

Multi-award-winning rapper and actor Will Smith has undoubtedly been the object of many women’s affection throughout his career.  His character, personality, and charm have all shone brightly at various times from his time on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to his big-budget films, to even his many interviews. 

And we can sit here and talk about how great of a guy and how intelligent he is.  Sure.  All great qualities in a person.  But let’s be honest, you know what you see first when you see Smith, and it’s his looks.  Also, his body. 

Will Smith has historically been in shape, even down to his late 40s and even early into his 50s.  Who could forget the glimpses of his upper body or athletic build in the Bad Boy films?  There was also the full body shot of him in the shower in a scene of the film I-Robot.   

And then there are his sex scenes, which surely entice a good percentage of those who watch.  You know who else gets excited while watching those same scenes of Smith sexing other women who aren’t you? 

His WIFE.  Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith

Case in point, in an interview with Extra at the premiere of the film Focus, Pinkett-Smith revealed to reporters that she’s into seeing her man “get down with the get down” on-screen.  “After 20 years… I actually… you know,” she began before Will cuts in to finish off what she was hesitant to admit.   

“She a little freaky like that, she a little freaky like that,” he said.  Jada then responded, “Unfortunately he’s right.  You know, it’s kind of a nice voyeuristic way to see your man, but I am kind of weird in that way, that’s a whole other conversation.” 

We all know about the entanglement drama between the Smiths and August Alsina (oh you don’t remember? A reminder…), but they have done their best to move on from that scandal.  That hasn’t stopped suitors to shoot their shot at Will, perhaps hoping that he’d seek his revenge while using them. 

What else hasn’t stopped them, is the fact that the ever-candid Will Smith’s body isn’t the same body that the public is used to.  Sure, he’s older now, and sure the pandemic hit.  And the weight gain that affected others also caught up to Smith.  But he’s taken the body positivity route as he motivates himself and hopefully others with a new journey as he gets back into the “best shape of his life.” 

One such suitor who doesn’t care at all about what he looks like is Meghan McCain.  The (very married and very conservative) co-host of The View shared on-air, “not to be crass again but like, he can get it any time he wants! I love Will Smith. He is my long-term crush since I was like, 12, and I don’t care what his body looks like.” 

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