Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife, Jean Muggli Held ‘Revenge Garage Sale’ While He Was Away and Sold All His Stuff, Even Personal Football Items

Just how toxic is toxic? Jean Muggli has now been involved in two public relationships that have both gone sour at this point. She was married to former pro NFL player and television personality, Michael Strahan, but that relationship ended in a textbook acrimonious divorce. Her relationship with Marianne Ayer did not get as far as marriage, but it definitely ended in turmoil.

Recently, Muggli was arrested for breaking the order of protection that was set up against her from her ex-girlfriend, Marianne Ayer.

After meeting at a spa in 1999, Muggli and Strahan fell for one another and eventually wed. The New York Daily News reports that Strahan would consistently visit the Manhattan spa where Muggli worked for months because he was enamored with her. “I figured either he was the cleanest man on the planet or he wanted to ask me out,” she said, according to the Daily News.

The couple soon wed in a ceremony held in North Dakota, where Muggl is originally from. Initially, Muggli had inhibitions about dating someone who was a professional athlete, much less a well known celebrity, but her walls eventually crumbled.

Their union soured after about seven years of marriage and the birth of twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia. Their daughters would also prove to be the source of a highly contentious custody battle that would plague the former flames.

Enter a whirlwind of accusations from Muggli against her ex-husband, who she claims abused her physically and alleged to have pictures. Strahan would adamantly deny these claims. Finally in 2006, the couple divorced and resulted in a $15 million settlement. Additionally, Strahan was demanded to pay a monthly child support payment of $18,000, which was reduced in 2009 to $13,000.

News of problems within the pair’s relationship was initially a shock to some of their neighbors, with one sharing to the New York Times that they would have never suspected any issues. “I never thought there was a piece of trouble anywhere. We were shocked. You just don’t know your neighbors when you think you know your neighbors.”

However, other residents would be privy to the couple’s always “contentious relationship”, as reported by Page Six. “They would have loud fights,” a source told the publication. Reportedly, on a weekend when Strahan happened to be out of town, “she threw his stuff outside and put up a ‘yard sale’ sign. There was his personal football stuff and personal effects. I was sorry later on that I did not buy something.”

We’ve reported earlier that in 2019, their problems would arise once again after Muggli accused Strahan of not adhering to the court-ordered child support payments and finances for their horseback riding lessons. Strahan then accused her of physical and emotional abuse, which Muggli denied. The claims were settled, however, in lieu of a shared custody agreement.

Michael Strahan is a heavyweight on ABC’s Good Morning America and had the show Strahan, Sara, and Keke, which eventually would be cancelled as ABC News would continue their coverage of the pandemic.

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