Michel’le Claims Producer Dr. Dre Attempted To Sh**t Her, Says Ge Barely Missed Her After She Ran Into Bedroom

Dr. Dre has had an extensive list of women who he’s dated, has been intimate with, or has impregnated, etc. Some of his life’s story and encounters were depicted in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton. One of his children’s mothers and ex-flames, R&B singer Michel’le, is breaking her silence on her past experiences with the billionaire producer.

Michel’le Denise Toussaint, a Los Angeles native, accounts a time that she was involved with Dr. Dre as his girlfriend, yet the memories were not all the most positive light. Quite frankly according to the R&B singer, they were indeed scarring, to say the least.

At just 16 years old, Michel’le and Dr. Dre met and began to date months after she lent vocals to the 1987 song “Turn Off The Lights.” At the time a 22-year-old Dre was already expecting another child when they began to date. The story goes that the singer and Dre soon got engaged and their relationship brought forth a son, Marcel.

Michel’le’s story soon turned into one filled with alleged abusive encounters, which she would share in detail on a few occasions. Her story was depicted on Lifetime’s Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, after she was omitted from his and N,W.A.’s stories in Straight Outta Compton.” She also went on a mini tour in support of her story and the film, stopping to speak with various media outlets.

While speaking with The Breakfast Club she recalled times of his rage and abuse. The singer claims to have received five black eyes from the rapper. “I do remember when he first he me,” she begins. “When he first gave me my very first black eye, we laid in the bed and he cried. He was crying and I was crying ’cause I was in shock and hurt and in pain. I don’t know why he was crying, but he said, ‘I’m really sorry.’ I think that was the only time he ever said he was sorry. And he said, ‘I’ll never hit you in that eye again, okay?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, okay.’ And we fell asleep.”

She also spoke to Vlad TV where she revealed that the fighting got extremely bad at one point, he tried to shoot her. Michel’le says of the experience, “We partied…and I guess I don’t know what I always did. And I always say it couldn’t have just been me. So one night we was arguing, he went and got the gun and I just made it through the bathroom door and he shot at me and missed me by this much (gestures with hand to signify how much). He shot at me,” the singer said, “and you know what I did? I left the bullet in the hole.”

Michel’le continued, “It was in the door and then it went through the side of the wall in the bathroom and I left it there for a while, just so he could see it. But he never tried to shoot me anymore. Thank God. But the beatings were…it was a lot. You know what my grandmother said, eventually: ‘When a man beats you, he doesn’t like you. He has women issues and it starts probably with their mothers.’ And I said ‘You’re probably right.’”

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