Teen Mom Jailed After Leaving Toddler Alone For Six Days Without Food Or Water To Celebrate Birthday

A heartbreaking story out of the United Kingdom this weekend has been reported of a toddler’s death due to severe negligence.  A teen mother is the cause of her daughter’s unfortunate passing while thinking of herself while leaving her baby to fend for herself for 6 days. 

Verphy Kudi, 19, wanted to celebrate her birthday back in December of 2019.  At the time, she was the mother to a 20-month-old daughter, Asiah.  According to The Sunthey were staying in supported housing for young families run by YMCA.   

On the 5th of December in 2019, Kudi decided to leave her Brighton home to celebrate her birthday.  Instead of seeking proper childcare for Asiah, Kudi left her behind in their home, alone.  The New York Post reports Kudi traveling across the country for as far as 150 miles.  Reports from The Sun also provide data gathered by authorities in Sussex that show Kudi partying in London, Coventry, and Solihull. 

Kudi did not return home until December 11th.  Before doing so, that morning she attempted to sell Lil Durk concert tickets on Twitter.  At 9:30 am, she reportedly writes “Three standing lil durk tickets for the 3rd Feb DM me,” in a tweet from a since-deleted account captured by the Daily Mail.   

When Kudi arrived home that evening, she realized that her child that she abandoned was unresponsive.  She placed a call to 999 at 6:06 pm telling them that her baby would not wake up.  Asiah was then rushed to Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. 

Asiah’s death has propelled “a serious case review” by local and national officials as this week when Kudi tearfully pled guilty to manslaughter on Friday.  Forensics tests and a post-mortem examination have determined that Asiah was starved and dehydrated as she was left without food or water, and had also developed the flu.  Her cause of death was neglect. 

Kudi, who was charged in October of last year, will remain in custody until her sentencing in May.  Notably, in October she also appeared to tweet out her desires to be a model for the Pretty Little Thing brand.   

The case is unbelievably heartbreaking, even for those who were chosen to investigate it.  “This was a particularly distressing case for my team and me to investigate, and has caused great sorrow amongst Verphy’s family and the many agencies that have supported Verphy and Asiah,” said Senior Investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Wolstenholme. 

“We note the guilty plea entered in this case, and continue to prepare for Verphy’s sentencing in May,” he added.  

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