“Mona Scott-Young Fumbled The Bag”: VH-1 Reveals Megan Thee Stallion Auditioned For “Love & Hip Hop” Shares Audition Video

The “Hot Girl” moniker has widely been made popular by Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion who has been having a helluva career.  Since she’s stepped on to the scene she has enjoyed a steady climb to the top, with her singles from the first charting song “Big Ole Freak” to her #1 Single “Savage”.

Since her career started she has achieved much, which included being named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World.  After the loss of many family members in her lifetime including her mother, Holly Thomas, who died in March 2019 of a cancerous brain tumor, she continued to push on and thrive to become the artist that she is known to be today.  

“It’s invigorating to see her become a platinum-selling artist with the viral hit “Hot Girl Summer” and multiple No. 1 songs in the past year, “Savage” and “WAP.” But you would be a fool to think that’s all there is to her,” said actress Taraji P. Henson in the magazine for their piece. “She’s deep. She’s enrolled in college. She’s an entertainer. She’s a free spirit; I see that in her. The industry might try to pigeonhole her in this rap game, but she’s got a plan that’s much bigger. And we got her. I just want her to keep winning.”

With continuing success on the horizon for “Hot Girl Meg” as she also awaits this year’s Grammy Awards, of which she’s nominated for four, who would’ve thought that the Houston native was once considered to be a reality star on Love and Hip Hop?  On a recently aired special titled “Love & Hip Hop: Secrets Unlocked”, the network unleashed a never-before-seen clip of Megan’s audition, following in the footsteps of fellow alum Cardi B, who also came from the show and with whom she collaborated on the #1 single “WAP”.

“It’s Megan Thee Stallion AKA young Tina Snow AKA H-Town Hottie and I’m from Houston Texas and I’m just the best female rapper that’s poppin’ off right now,” said Meg in front of the camera. “And on top of that, I’m a full-time college student.”  

She added, “Megan is gonna become a household name.  When you’re talkin’ about those poppin’ rappers, I’m going to be in that conversation.” Cast members were left speechless on the show, with some saying that executive producer Mona Scott “fumbled the bag”.  Perhaps Megan’s manifestation on the show was for the best as she wasn’t chosen, but still proved to be successful without the platform.

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