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Monica Called Out For Divorcing Shannon Brown For Cheating, After Singer Revealed Visiting Ex Corey Miller Multiple Times During Argument With Brother Master P

Who would’ve thought that when Monica announced that she would be partnering with Kim Kardashian in efforts to free ex-boyfriend, rapper Corey Miller, that her personal life would be under the microscope?  Recent comments from Miller’s entrepreneur/CEO brother, Master P, haven’t done anything to quell the flames either, instead of intensifying speculations from social media.

Master P took to instagram to lay some burdens down as it pertains to his brother, their relationship, Kim Kardashian’s intentions, and also bringing up Monica’s name.  He questioned her loyalty and intentions.  Monica, feeling disrespected and not with her name being brought into his commentary, came forward with a rebuttal towards Master P in which she also reveals that she’s been having visits with Miller throughout his incarceration.  

Corey Miller has been locked up since 2009.  During his stint, Monica has had a few relationships, including a marriage to NBA player Shannon Brown.  The pair met on the set of her video for “Love All Over Me” in 2010 where he played her love interest.  The chemistry would spill over into reality as the pair became romantically involved shortly thereafter, and months later would secretly wed.  They would later have a larger ceremony, and also have a daughter, Laiya Shannon Brown.

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During their marriage, rumors would arise that the couple were separating, but the singer would go on to deny it.  Ultimately after just eight years of marriage, the couple amicably filed for divorce.  Monica dropped “Brown” from her name and seemed to move on pretty quickly, living her best life on Instagram.  However, it seemed as though her ex wanted to rekindle the flame.  He began to post pictures of her on his Instagram, and had this to say in a radio show interview during that year’s All Star Weekend.  “Man, that’s like…she like my forever valentine. See, I’m going to get sentimental again. She’s just a huge part of how I think about love, I guess. She show love, I try to show it back,” he said.  

Well, it doesn’t seem like much gets past social media, as users pinpointed the fact that she has been in contact with him, as well as members of her family, during his prison stint.  One user tweeted, “So hold on. Monica was married spewing innocence peace & black love, but then got on Beyonce internet and told us her, her momma, and her brother been supporting [Corey] in jail the whole time?” 

Another tweeted, “Monica had Shannon Brown in the house babysitting while she went to visiting hours for C-Murder to talk through glass.”  

Many fans began to call Monica out after divorcing Shannon Brown for cheating after the singer revealed she’s been visiting Corey since he’s been locked up.

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