Moniece Slaughter Announce Social Media Hiatus To Protect Family, Following Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones Drama

Moniece Slaughter of Love and Hip Hop fame is coming out with roaring allegations directed towards super-producer Dr. Dre.  Following recent comments made by Slaughter that her former castmate and Dre are currently dating, she’s now claiming that the “Beats” CEO has been threatening her lately.

During a recent interview that the popular reality star had with Kendra G on Instagram Live, Slaughter dropped the bombshell of the alleged relationship with Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones.  “To the person that asked me if Apryl and Dre are together, yes, they are,” Moniece claimed. “And it’s been a while that they’ve been together. It’s been a while. It’s not new. I’ve known for a while.”

She added, “I was shocked just because of her public announcement that she’s polyamorous and that she has been with this one, this one, this one, that one, that one, that one. And she was on the internet patting her [expletive], so I was shocked that someone so established and refined as Dre would almost wife her.”

Slaughter would continue to say that she is not hating while going on to share the good qualities that Apryl has. “Apryl’s beautiful, her body’s insane, she’s pseudo, semi, kind of talented. She’s a good mom, and what I know about the way she treats her loved ones is, she’s all in. So I know great qualities are in her,” she said.  April previously dated B2K members, Omarion, with whom she has children, and most recently Fizz.  Both of their relationships have been documented on the popular VH1 reality show.

In a recent showing on Instagram Live, Moniece is making colossal claims that her life is being threatened allegedly by Dr. Dre.  In a clip that’s been shared by The Shade Room, she begins by labeling the music mogul a “woman beater.”

“You know what? I did not want to believe that Dre was a woman beater, but after the couple of phone calls that I literally just had, he’s a woman beater. For sure. For…sure,” alleges Slaughter.  She claims that the threats made to her are all due to her confirmation of the alleged relationship.  Slaughter never mentions who made the phone call, but she goes on to name drop that it is indeed Dre behind the alleged threats.

“I don’t care who you think you are, I don’t care who the world has told you you are,” she goes on to say. “I don’t know you and you don’t know me, and I didn’t say anything negative about you, sir. You can watch the 40-second clip about what I said about you sir — and it wasn’t negative. So don’t you send another [MF] to this phone of mine to make one more [MF] threat. Yeah Dr. Dre.”

Moniece followed up with another Instagram post the next day claiming she was told to take a hiatus from social media to protect her son and the rest of her family.

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