Mother & Daughter Called ‘Sick’ After Admitting They Watch Each Others Adult Tapes & Give Each Other Bikini Waxes

Mother daughter relationships have evolved a lot over the years. While parents and their children used to have a types of off limit topics in previous generations, it seems today that not much is off the table anymore. Some parents claim to be best friends with their kids, discussing everything down to their dating lives. A mother/daughter duo recently went viral for a clip where they discuss sharing everything, down to their adult tapes.

The duo of one of many featured on the popular TLC series sMothered. The shows official blurb describes it saying: “The phrase “like mother, like daughter” can be a positive thing, but in “sMothered,” four outrageous mother/daughter duos take this phrase and their bonds to the extreme.” Several of the mother/daughter pairs share clothes, beds, sex and drug stories, and much much more.

The show just premiered its 3rd season on May 31st and already its getting attention for the uncomfortable and unorthodox relationships they showcase. Karla McCoy, 44, and Rykia Lewis, 26, are featured on this season. Speaking in a trailer for the show they confess to many thinking they are too close, however they do not have an issue with that.“My mother is the most important person in the world to me,” Lewis said. “I can lean on her, I can depend on her for anything and I appreciate that, I really, really do. We do everything together, I mean everything. We watch movies together, cook together, twerk together.”

In the clip the two are seen helping each other wax their intimate areas. “To us, it’s not a big deal. But I’m pretty sure on TV it’s going to seem crazy. [But] we feel like, ‘OK, you let strangers do it. We go and get services done by professional people. If I would let a stranger look down there, why wouldn’t I let my daughter?”

In another clip they discuss sharing their adult tapes with one another and how they help each other with advice and tips on how to be better lovers to their partners. While they don’t mind, Lewis did divulge that a past partner did not think it was very cool and judged the pair. “I had one significant other in the past that knew I shared the video with my mom and he was like ‘you guys are sick’.”

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