‘Mother Of Three’ Facing Eviction Raises Over $200,000 On GoFundMe, Now Admits She’s Just The Babysitter Who Loves Them Unconditionally

A Las Vegas woman tried to fool the world by betting on the emotions of the public with her story of facing eviction with her family. However, once the wool was pulled from everyone’s eyes, she may now be back to square one after choosing to gamble with the public.

Dasha Kelly of Nevada’s story sprung legs when she created a GoFundMe page in an attempt to stop her eviction from happening. “We were maintaining just fine before this pandemic hit. Now we are suffering,” Kelly wrote in the description. We do have EBT for food, and also applied for Chap. However, they do not assist immediately. We owe $1,900 for rent alone not including utilities. I will figure out utilities by pawning a few things. As you all know it is entirely still to hot to be homeless. My [daughters] are aged 5, 6, and 8.”

CNN aired the story in a segment that was centered around the federal eviction moratorium. She then appeared on CNN to find out that the amount she initially requested had been reached… and then some.

A tearful and speechless Kelly sat with the three little girls and expressed gratitude. “I just want to tell everybody thank you so much,” Kelly cried. “I’m still in denial.”

Kelly would also post an update to the GoFundMe page which showed intentions of paying off their bills and making improvements to the house and purchasing a vehicle so that she can be transported to and from work. Also committing to setting up a savings account for the girls, Kelly promised she would be “paying it forward and donating to charity, and another family who is also in dyer need.”

However, plot twist! A woman by the name of Shadia Hilo came forward and revealed to CNN that she was in fact, the girls’ mother. Kelly also was revealed to be the girls’ babysitter, and that she is dating the father of Hilo’s daughters.

CNN reporter Nick Watt shared with the Washington Post that Hilo “is understandably upset that someone else claimed to be the mother of three of her children, children she also cares for,” and also produced their birth certificate for proof.

Kelly would return to GoFundMe with an update as well, admitting that she was not their biological mother, however, she is recognized as a “mother figure in their lives.” She added, “This detail doesn’t change my original need for donations to avoid eviction, and I will be using the funds to get back on my feet and support my family. As mentioned in my last update, I will also be putting money aside for the girls in a savings account.”

According to the Washington Post, a two-week window by GoFundMe has been given to any donor who is requesting a refund. The funds have also been frozen at this time.

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