“My Mama Didn’t Raise Me To Take Care Of A Man” : Vivica A. Fox Says She Left Husband Because He Made Less Than Her, and She Got Tired Of Paying All The Bills

Vivica A Fox is opening up more about her short-lived marriage.  Many know that the “Set It Off” actress dated rapper 50 Cent for years, whom she’s admitted was the “one that got away”.  But during 1998-2002, Fox was married to singer Christopher “Sixx Nine” Harvest. 

In 2018, Fox released her memoir entitled Every Day I’m Hustling, in which she candidly speaks on her life and life experiences.  In it, she also touches on her marriage to Harvest.  “Here’s a really bad reason to get married: because everyone else is doing it,” she confessed in the book. “I know that’s why I did it. It seems like a blink-and-you-missed-it marriage to a lot of people now, but in 1998 I went into a four-year union I had no business going into. I got married out of peer pressure and because I thought that was the next thing on the checklist of what it means to be a successful woman.” 

Vivica confirms what she wrote in her memoir to the interviewer about her reasonings for getting married to Harvest.  “I hate to say that, I mean [brief pause then sighs] yeah,” she said.  “Everyone was having their Cinderella day [and] I just wanted mine too to be very honest with you,” she admits. 

“Why the marriage didn’t last a long time is because I didn’t take the time to get to know him,” she continued.  “I felt peer pressured.  I had my Cinderella day; my sister, my brother, my niece.  I got married on this beautiful staircase.  Paparazzi. Somebody from paparazzi fell from out of a tree trying to get, you know, trying to get pictures for it.  It was beautiful.” 

The wedding, she says, was covered by In-Style Magazine, but despite having the Cinderella moment that she’d always wanted, Fox stresses that she wished she had taken the time to get to know him “a little bit better.” She was able to learn and grow from her mistakes as now she claims to take as much time as needed to get to know whomever she’s dating, especially before going public with them. 

Fox then states that she has “no ill-will towards him”.  The host soon asks Vivica what the “last straw” was for them to go ahead with the divorce.  “At the time he was a singer, and the group that he was in they were supposed to have been signed by Death Row Records, yet another connection with Tupac and Death Row,” she recalls.  “And when Tupac got k*lled and everything kind of fell apart with Death Row [Records] he didn’t go out and try to pursue things with the same drive that I had for my career.” 

She continued, “You know, a woman doesn’t like paying all the bills, all the time.  And I can only ask for help so many times before I had to come to the conclusion that I didn’t want to be the breadwinner in this family.  My mother didn’t raise me to take care of a man.  And that was the deciding factor.   

Jokingly, the interviewer asks her if she was a “sugar mama” in the relationship.  Laughing, Vivica responds saying that she wasn’t a sugar “then, but I might be a sugar mama now, which I make sure I don’t EVER do,” she stresses before clarifying they were the same age and laughing. 

As for what she is looking for in a potential lover?  Fox previously spoke to Face The Truth on CBS where she shared that her days of being superficial are no longer as she has matured and knows what she is looking for in her “good partner.” 

“I need someone that’s going to make me laugh. I need someone that’s gonna make me smile. I want a man that, when I see him, he gives me butterflies and that every time his number pops up on my phone, that I get excited to see him.” 

Fox added, “I’m going to take the time to get to know some person because before, I used to put sex before getting to know a person—and trust me, I’m single. So now I’m taking the time to get to know someone that loves to travel, that loves sports, that loves to have fun, that enjoys life and got his own money.” 

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