“My Sons Not Even A Week Old Yet”: Safaree Accused Of Neglecting Newborn Son Who’s Currently In NICU, Erica Mena Claims He Hasn’t Seen Him In Four Days

Things just got much more complicated in the divorce between Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena. Going through changes is an understatement, because not only has their family crumbled, but it’s also expanded at the same time. Congratulations are in order for the pair as they parents to a newborn baby boy, but that news has become overshadowed with some new claims from Mena towards her ex, and it involves another Love and Hip Hop alum.

It was all good about a year or so ago. Safaree and Erica’s union had skeptics from the beginning, but they travailed on. Erica gave birth to their first child, daughter Safire, in October of 2019. Shortly afterward, the couple solidified their union and took vows in holy matrimony.

Alas, a baby, a joint OnlyFans, and another baby would not keep the couple together. Shortly after Mena announced that she was pregnant with their second child, news broke that divorce between the two was imminent after almost 2 years of marriage. According to Page Six, court documents obtained by the publication state that Mena views their marriage as “irretrievably broken” with “no hope of reconciliation.”

The estranged couple is now in the midst of a child custody case. Mena is requesting primary custody of their children along with child support and for Safaree to take care of her legal fees and to leave her with the house, according to TMZ. Samuels, however. is fighting back and requesting that he receive joint legal custody, and for their properties to remain separated, respectively.

Mena shared to her social media followers that this time is bringing strife for her and that she would like nothing more than to just have “peace.” But it seems that she’s choosing violence, as she came to expose her now ex-husband for an alleged affair. Safaree has recently been subjected to rumors of having a secret lovechild during their marriage, which he has adamantly denied. However, Erica is alleging that he may not be 100% truthful.

According to Mena’s Instagram Stories, Safaree is allegedly having an affair with Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia. Erica wrote, “So [Kaylin] you been f—-g my husband all weekend in Miami. We have a son who was just born and still isn’t home yet. Did he tell you that when he was telling you to lay low tonight?”

Mena was not finished yet, as she had more words for Garcia. “Real talk I been in the shoes of dealing with a man who lived a double life and I had no clue he was married,” she continued. “But you! Know Safaree is married. Who [doesn’t] know that[?] Not to mention [he’s] real friends with Joe Budden, your ex. Safaree just had a baby who he hasn’t seen in 4 days that’s in the NICU. That’s also no secret. I’m blasting both of you since he told you to lay low tonight – clearly who both know I found out y’all been f—-g all weekend. My son not even a week old yet and he [expletive] you down. I hope this is something you proud of shorty. This man lost his whole family officially. I wish you both the best.”

The drama apparently ensued due to Kaylin allegedly accompanying Safaree to attend Diddy’s All White Party that was held in the Hamptons in NY over the weekend. However, Kaylin took to social media to deny that anything was going on between herself and Samuels.

“For years I have been to myself,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “No blogs. No drama. I am a women who is about accountability and morals. The fact that I have been called out for absolutely nothing, to me is insane. Me and Safaree are friends and nothing more. Thanks! Everyone stay blessed. And let’s continue to spread love and light!”

Whew! So far, no direct comment has been made from Safaree or Joe Budden, except a cryptic tweet shot out by the latter which read, “Everybody aggy lol”.

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