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Naturi Naughton May Have Someone Pull Up On Hitmaka After Bragging On His ‘D’ and Revealing He Smashed Actress, Says She Thought About It

The maxim instructing one not to “kiss and tell” proves to be increasingly salient in an age of social media. Indeed the motivation for such an individual to publicly detail romantic encounters with other notable people spurs questions of judgment and veracity. But, here we are.

Hitmaka, the R&B and Hip-Hop producer behind hits from Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, and numerous others, stirred the pot in a recent interview on Revolt TV’s “Drink Champs.”

He recounted his start in the industry as a teenage rapper going under the moniker “Yung Berg” over 20 years ago with DMX’s Def Jam imprint Bloodline Records.

In the interview, the Chicago rapper-turned-producer spoke about his history with Dark Man X, a chance encounter with Aaliyah, getting arrested on a Ray-J video shoot, and a time when he and singer-actress Naturi Naughton hooked up in the bedroom.

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As he tells it, “I ended up meeting the girls from 3LW, remember them? …I’ll never forget this sh*t… She was living at some apartment complex or whatever, we were cool, it was at the Artstone. If anybody’s in L.A., you already know about the Artstone. That’s where all the artists used to live, it’s in North Hollywood or whatever. So, I go to her crib, they’re having a little party or whatever. It’s like all the 3LW girls and sh*t.

We go home, we smash. I smash her, but I’m like, ‘There’s something in her p*ssy,’ when I thought about it. It felt like a mousetrap in her vagina and that’s the first time I learned about birth control, she had the IUD. F**ked me up, that was my first experiencing that.”

Saying that Naughton took umbrage with his claims would be a gross understatement. In her words, “Recently there was an interview where I was like ‘ok I might have somebody pull up on what’s his name.’ I guess it’s the thing for people to say that they’ve been with me.”

Naturi, whose entertainment career began as a member of the Pop/R&B starlet trio, 3LW, has solidified herself as a scene-stealing actress in the hit nighttime drama, Power, for some years now.

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In her virtual interview with The Breakfast Club, Naughton talked of the 3LW days and living at the Artstone complex. Making note of her emphatic refutation, DJ Envy specifically asked, “Ya’ll never went on a date or nothin’? He just came out of the blue with that?’  Naturi replied, “So, Envy…I was like 15- 16 at the time…I don’t know what kind of date [am I going on]? I remember GROUP activities.”

She continues, “Whew! It took a lot to come on here and not be like ‘really?’ That’s why he apologized like a week later. I guess it’s a compliment. People wanna get with [her Power character] ‘Tasha.’ Poor baby. I get it.”

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