NBA Legend Charles Barkley Claims NBA Doesn’t Have The Balls To Suspend LeBron James

LeBron James is an undisputed NBA legend. From his incredible statistic, to his iconic games and his universal charm. The man is one of the best to ever do it, and one of the most beloved simultaneously. With that said, its safe to assume sometimes he gets a little more favor than some of his contemporaries. With his Space Jam reboot/sequel getting ready to come out and another successful season to his name, it probably is not a surprise to some that the league would be afraid to do anything to remove James from any upcoming games. According to fellow NBA Legend Charles Barkley, they simply do not have the balls to.

Its been a known fact for years that refs will do whatever it takes to keep the star player out on the court. In the past he’s been famously criticized for moves made while playing that would have gotten other players in trouble. He famously got away with the “crab dribble”, a move that polarized sports commentators. If you need any proof of how special he’s treated, back in 2012 he’d played in nine NBA seasons (9689 regular-season games). During that time James has fouled out of a game a grand total of only three times. Only 3 times out of 9689 games! Bleacher Report named him the #1 on their list of 10 NBA Superstars Who Get Most Preferential Treatment from Referees back during that same year.

Earlier today it was reported that LeBron was in violation of the National Basketball League’s rules due to him attending an event with rapper Drake and actor Michael B. Jordan Monday May 17th. LeBron went and played with his teammates a couple of nights later, where the Lakers cemented their spot in the playoffs. On Friday May 21st, the league came out and warned the Lakers about LeBron’s actions. However according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, LeBron will now not be punished.

While the official reason for him not being suspended is due to the event not presenting “a threat level of virus spread”, Charles Barkley says the real reason he will not get punished is much much simpler. “Let me tell you somethin’,” Barkley told LaJethro Jenkins of Yahoo Sports. “Hey, listen, I love Adam Silver, rest in peace, David Stern, best commissioner in sports. The NBA ain’t got the balls to suspend LeBron James.”

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