NBA Player LeBron James’ “Good Guy Image’ Debated After Athlete Is Caught On Camera Shoving Fan Attempting To Get Image During Usher Concert

LeBron James is in the middle of a milestone year. The NBA icon is still an active player, checking off bucket list goals many do not achieve till they leave the game. James is everyone’s favorite and understandably people want to get close to him any chance they get. One fan tried to approach the star but got an unfavorable response as a seemingly caught of guard James appears to have shoved them as they lunged at him.

LeBron James is currently experiencing some major box office success in the form of his Space Jam reboot. The 90’s film classic which starred fellow NBA legend Michael Jordan was stuck in remake limbo for a long long time. With James on board, Warner Bros. was able to revive the beloved franchise with his version going live this past July.

Ahead of the films debut James camp found itself in a little drama, thanks to a recorded conversation of his PR agent. Adam Mendelsohn represents James and was recorded speaking with ESPN host Rachel Nichols. The two exchanged some very controversial comments on their black counterparts, expressing their “exhaustion” and “frustration” over race and feminism movements. Speaking on James’s work with the Black Lives Matter Movement and #MeToo, Mendelsohn said “I’m exhausted. I’ve got nothing left.” Nichols can be heard laughing at his response.

It is unknown if Mendelsohn is still employed by James, but if he is he has a busy day ahead of him after James was accused of shoving a fan by people online. While attending Usher’s new Las Vegas show, James was recorded walking out of the venue as an overzealous fan approached him. The fan can be seen practically lunging at James, who is taken aback and reacts instantly, pushing the fan away.

While some championed James for protecting himself and his wife Savannah who was hand in hand with him, others felt the move looks too aggressive and uncalled for. “Hey @KingJames can you apologize to my son for being a bad role model? Thanks”. Another fan tweeted “Some see it as pushing a fan away. I saw it as protecting his queen.”

See fan responses below:

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