Newly Single Neyo Is Searching For A Quarantine Bae, Spotted In The Comment Section Of A Popular Flexibility Trainer


Singer Neyo has been on a proverbial world tour, promoting his latest single “Pinky Ring,” in which he talks about why he’s now single – having split from his recent wife of four years recently. Before self-isolation became a government order, Neyo was out here in the streets, getting his single life. Won’t no isolation stop that show, apparently.

Neyo was spotted by The Shade Room in another popular woman’s comment section, which sent fans into a tizzy. Why must we get on Neyo’s case for reaching out via social media, keeping his friendships alive during the pandemic? Who can blame him for hitting up contortionist and model Rachel Fit after the Instagram post she let loose on the world?

On her Instagram @rachelfit__, the flexible Rachel sits on the couch – in a full split, as she faces what might be a television or something along that lines. She asks her fans to “Caption this…” with an emoji coffee cup to mirror the one she has on the couch alongside her.

Neyo accepted the challenge, offering up his own caption which was spotted amongst the many: “Classics, coffee, c**chie, comfy couch…..can’t complain,” followed by a few flirty emojis. Always the songwriter and master of words, his use of alliteration in his caption was also duly noted by his fans in her comments!

Going back to the single life is something Neyo’s familiar with, having featured the line of discussion in his own songs before. He’d just been spotted at the beginning of March in New York at Paradise Club partying after a apparel launch, surrounded by at least 5 models, according to Page Six. Other celebs like Wacka Flocka Flame and Michael K. Williams were also around.

His latest single “Pinky Ring” goes into depth about his divorce from wife Crystal Smith, who he shares two children with – in addition to the other two that he shares with his a previous woman. Neyo’s love of his children is definitely a part of the reason he decided to end his relationship amicably, he told Joe Budden on his Pull Up show.

“I must maintain and if it gets to a point where a relationship is making it difficult to maintain, then it becomes that I have to do this for the kids because if I go down, everybody goes down, including the kids. So I have to walk away for the sake of the kids.”

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