NFL Player Robert Griffin III Dragged For Parading His ‘White Wife’ On Twitter, Goes To War Defending His Wife’s Body

A growing conversation in pop culture is the amount of black men in the spotlight with white wives. From Donald Glover to Jordan Peele and Insecure’s Jay Ellis. For years black men have been criticized by the public for choosing partners that are not black, with many people blaming colorism for the many black men who will not date black women. Robert Griffin III is the most recent. The NFL player got on black twitters bad side when he made comments about his wife’s body that some interpreted as being anti-black.

Power star Omari Hardwick has been on the receiving end of this kind of negativity for years. The actors is a staple in television and film that centers around black people and the black experience. He also happens to have a white wife. Hardwick has been married to his wife Jennifer Pfaucht since 2012 and the couple share two children, Nova & Brave. Over the years he’s had to defend his marriage, even calling out fans for being disrespectful. In a post in which he congratulated a black woman on her success, a fan questioned him ”You asking do we value us?? Meanwhile you choose a white woman. Smh. I can never take u type of guys serious.” He clapped back “You know nooothing about Jae nor my kids. I would NEVER disrespect your significant other or your kids. So watch your mouth in disrespecting mine.”

In Griffin’s case, he was making an attempt to silence hecklers who criticized him for marrying a white woman, saying she could not “fill out a sundress”. In a video of his wife squatting and showing off her rear end, Griffin mocked his naysayers captioning it “cOmE oN bRO yOUr WiFe iS wHiTE”.

Fans began to flood the comments asking him to explain the post and calling him “anti-black” and saying that he “went from the football field to the cotton field”.

Griffin immediately responded letting fans know the tweet was in response to disrespect his wife had received on line, with people assuming that she did not have a nice body or nice butt because she is a white woman.

He pointed out that he felt people were being hypocrites for taking his post out of context, when all he wanted to do was show support and love for his wife and her fitness journey. Check out his response below with a few fan tweets.

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