Nia Riley Claims Rapper Soulja Boy Caused Her To Miscarry Child At 15-Weeks

Rapper Soulja Boy and socialite Nia Riley were one of the many couples thrusted into the spotlight thanks to their affiliation with the hit VH1 Reality Show Love & Hip-Hop. The pair shared a tumultuous love story throughout the first couple seasons of the flagship shows Hollywood version, a relationship that eventually spilled over into Marriage Bootcamp and media headlines.

Soulja was a main character on the first 3 seasons of LHHH, where they show focused on he and Riley’s relationship among other things. During their tenure Soulja Boy stayed in the hot seat with Nia, as accusations of infidelity plagued their union. Nia dealt with a very heartbreaking miscarriage that was documented on the show, and also had to deal with Soujla cheating on her with her friend Nastassia “Nas” Smith. This sparked a violent feud between the former pals.

The pair eventually fizzled out and split off screen during season 3 of the show, which Riley has not appeared on since.

If her last name sounds familiar, its because Nia is the daughter of music icon Teddy Riley. She famously introduced Soulja to her father on a episode of the show, the pair had already been together 8 years before she brought Soulja and her father together.

Nia Riley is busy doing interviews these days, one of which brought up a very serious accusation against Soulja.

The triggering interview is set to air later tonight and features Nia telling all to popular blogger Tasha K via her Patreon channel. In a preview clip, Nia talks about a physical altercation with Soulja that she believes resulted in a miscarriage.

Tasha asked “Soulja boy kicked you in the stomach?” before asking “Did you tell him that you were pregnant?” 

“We had an incident when I was pregnant. I feel like we always did,” she said in the video. “He absolutely knew I was pregnant,” she continued. “I was, like, fifteen weeks. I don’t think I had even told anybody else that I was pregnant. Truthfully, in my mind, I didn’t know what to do or what I wanted to do.”

She says shortly afterwards, maybe later that night she realized that she had a miscarriage. She describes putting a towel on her bed somewhere close to 2am before the preview cuts off.

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