Nick Cannon Defends Having Multiple Children By Different Baby Mamas, Says Monogamy & Marriage Is Outdated

Nick Cannon is elaborating more on his growing family and his choice to have several baby mothers. In recent months he has gotten a lot of backlash for it, with many coming to his aid including his father James Cannon. Nick is looking to set the record straight himself and recently spoke to The Breakfast Club on the topic, opening up to Charlamagne Da God about his life choices.

Nick Cannon first born was a set of twins, Moroccan and Monroe, with music icon Mariah Carey. He then welcomed two more babies with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell named Golden “Sagon” Cannon and Powerful Queen Cannon. This was followed by Abby De La Rosa announcing her pregnancy by Cannon, giving birth to twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir. Alyssa Scott is the most recent woman to come forward and confirm that she’s gotten knocked up by Cannon, recently welcoming Zen Cannon in June.

Friends and fans have used public information about Cannon to help justify his choices. Some pointed out past interviews where he discussed his Lupus diagnosis and how it has pushed him to live a freer life. Speaking with Howard Stern a few years ago he said “When you experience near-death situations, life-threatening situations, it’s honest, it’s real. I feel like ‘Yo, I’m running out of time.’ Every time I think I’m doing good, then I got to go back to the hospital. Almost died this time [due to] the blood clots.” He continued “I don’t fear it, I welcome it! I got to a space now where [I can say] I’m probably gonna die sooner than most people. I mean, that’s what the doctor said. But I’m living life like ‘F—, I might die in the morning, so let’s f– all night! So why wear condoms? I might not be here tomorrow!’”

Father James Cannon spoke about explained that in addition to him wanting to live a free and fun life, Cannon is also anti-abortion. James said in a recent interview “I believe children are blessings. And I teach my son, ‘Make as much money as you can, and have as many children as you can.’ I would fight for family. I’m pro-life. I wrote a book called ‘Stop Hating: Can I Live?’, which is Nick’s story.”

Speaking with The Breakfast Club, he opened up about feeling like marriage is a dated concept and a form of ownership. “That’s a Eurocentric concept when you think about the idea of like you’re supposed to have this one person for the rest of your life. And really, that’s just classified property if you think about it. I’ve never subscribed to that mentality.”

He elaborated further stating that the women he’s chosen all understand and that in fact they are choosing to allow him to get them pregnant as they are the real heads of the household.

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