Nick Cannon Says Smashing White Women Is A Symbol Of Success To Black Men, Claim Black Men Couldn’t Have Them In The Past

Nick Cannon has a question that needs answers immediately. He’s young. He’s handsome. He’s successful. He’s rich and famous. Seemingly honest. A hard-working man, no doubt. He’s multi-faceted and has many of the major qualities that any woman would want. With that, he wants to know one simple thing.

“Let’s get to it. No more beating around the bush. Why I can’t be with a white woman? I don’t eat pork, but G*****n the white women!”

Ok… now that THAT’s out the way..

Nick Cannon‘s podcast, “NCredible Conversations”, houses many types of thought-provoking conversations. His conversation with the Nation of Islam’s Rizza Islam sparked a highly spirited debate after the two spoke on interracial relationships and how Black men view white women.

Noted as a social media influencer and activist, 31-year-old Rizza Islam from Compton, Cali made the decision to impact his community and others like it from the age of 9. His many efforts have garnered him hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, although often suspended and censored or shadowbanned online. Islam often describes himself as an “activist, speaker, humanitarian,” and “Black intellectual extremist”.

So now that the pleasantries are out of the way, Nick and Rizza had a 17-minute talk about interracial relationships, and things got a little weird when Nick offered an explanation as to why (some) Black men value white women over females in their own race.

Nick Cannon, a father to 6 children with 1 on the way, posed the controversial question to which Rizza explained his theory as to why it does not work, mirroring the ideals of Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Of course, the honorable Minister Farrakhan teaches us that love is from and of God,” began Rizza’s explanation. “The reason why the white woman, brother—and we can go into the anatomy, the biology, and we can go into the history and the culture—is not ideal for the black man, is because if you want to have the best of a black man, you have to have a black man and a black woman. “

Nick and Rizza did share a common ground in believing that love is love, and should be shared no matter what race. However, things began to get a tad bit weird when Nick shared how he feels that white women are viewed in this country versus Black women.

“White women are looked at as success because in America we see a white woman, I couldn’t have you,” the former rapper said. “My daddy couldn’t have you. My granddaddy couldn’t have you. I would get killed for even looking at you. People, if they thought I whistled at you, they would murder me. Beat me. Drag me down the street. So now, if I play for the NBA, I want them all and I can afford them all, that’s what they are thinking.”

Rizza believes, however, that black men may need to be more self-aware and check themselves as it pertains to protecting Black women versus uplifting white women.

“So you’re telling me,” Islam passionately begins. “The Black woman who has been there for us the whole damn time, who was there for us when we were getting lynched, who was there for us when we were getting whipped, every day, who was there for us to heal our wounds, to give us consolation of mind, to give us peace and quiet of mind, to help us to get through another day. You telling me she doesn’t deserve at least, if you can give up on a Black woman so easily, you don’t deserve no other woman because you have demonstrated you can’t give enough love to who needs it most.”

Nick also commented that perhaps Black men’s love for white women stems from not being able to access a white woman without getting in to trouble, but now can have an upper hand. “It’s like, I was your slave for this long, now I’m going to take your woman because your woman always wanted me, she always has dreamt about me,” Cannon expressed. “It was forbidden, now that it isn’t I’m going to show that I’m the superior  being, the dominant original man and I’m going to act within that, therefore that’s why I believe that once you get money, once you get success, you’re not following anyone else’s rules, I’m going to love who I want.”

Check out the full conversation below.

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