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Nicki Minaj Drops Husband’s Last Name Days After He Entered Plea Deal For Failing To Register As Sex Offender, Rapper Changes Twitter Name Back To Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is back to her old last name. The “Super Bass” hitmaker has been Mrs. Petty on social media for some time now after tying the knot with childhood friend Kenneth Petty. Its been marriage bliss for awhile now with him popping up in her videos, radio shows and social media posts in matching outfits and all. Well there might be some trouble in paradise and Nicki recently changed her last name back to Minaj on Twitter. Some fans are speculating that they might be splitting up.

Kenneth Petty’s past has also been a cause for concern amongst Nicki’s fans. The Queens native has a history of legal issues stemming back to the mid 90’s. A handful of mugshots have leaked from his various charges over the year. He has an assault case stemming back to when he was only 16 years old.

VladTV reported on the case a couple months ago. The accuser “Jennifer,” says that she immediately reported the incident when it happened back in 1996. She confessed that her adoptive mother told her, “Sorry you got r*ped, but you should have screamed.” She also added that Petty’s parents told her family that she and Petty were dating, which she denies. Jennifer added, “My family allowed his mother and father to take me to go see a district attorney and pretend like [they were] my aunt and uncle. I think I kind of always just felt like people wanted me to be a liar.”

The case has stayed with Petty for years, and followed him into his relationship with Nicki where he had issues moving to California due to him having to register as a sex offender. While he initially failed to register with the state, Petty was able to recently secure a plea deal. While Nicki has not commented on the deal, it seems her name change on social media is being seen as a sign by fans that she is now looking to distance herself from him after being Mrs. Petty for over 2 years on twitter.

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While Others feel this may be a sign that new music is on the horizon, it didn’t stop the Barbz from speculating divorce is on the way.

Check out the updated name and fan reactions below:

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