Nivea Claims Lil Wayne Tricked Her Into Quitting Music, Promised To Take Care Of Her & Then Left Her & Married His Baby Mama, Toya Wright

Nivea is enjoying a career resurgence of sorts right now. The 00’s R&B hopeful saw her career veer off the railings as family and kids took center stage of her life. Now with a new reality show and other upcoming projects in the works, she’s spilling all on her career and her famous baby daddy’s. She recently sat down with Kandi Burruss to discuss her initial departure from music thanks to Lil Wayne.

Born Nivea B. Hamilton in 1982, Nivea found success in the early 00’s with her single “Don’t Mess With My Man” which scored her a Grammy nomination. She was being prepped for major stardom thanks to that song and her hit collaboration “Danger” with Mystikal. Unfortunately her second album did not achieve the same type of success and she seemed to vanish from the mainstream.

Behind the scenes it was revealed that Nivea had gotten engaged to rapper Lil Wayne, before things abruptly ended and he got back with childhood sweetheart Toya Johnson. She moved on to singer/songwriter Terius Nash aka The-Dream and started a family. They share 3 kids together. They eventually split in 2007 with Nash claiming that he did not feel it was fair to Nivea that his growing success was changing him. She agrees claiming she did not want the divorce, however she had no choice.

She eventually reunited with Wayne and they share a child. Unfortunately this too ended when she discovered that she and actress Lauren London were expecting children from him at the same time. “I ended our relationship while I was carrying our son was because I couldn’t take that.  I thought I could. I’m a different type of woman. I was like, ‘You know what? You love me? F— it!’ But then I realized that’s not what I wanted. So I let it go.”

Nivea is currently on the comeback trail thanks to her inclusion on BET’s series Encore. In it she’s joined by other women who had success in the past looking for a second chance.

While speaking with Kandi on her show On The Note, she got candid about the details surrounding her and Wayne’s first relationship and how it lead her to quitting music. She reveals Wayne’s insistence that she quit music so they could be together. She told the label she was quitting and moved to New Orleans to be with him. Unfortunately Wayne would go on to reconcile with his first child’s mother Toya, and eventually moved Nivea out of the house to move Toya back in. He would go on to marry Toya. Nivea goes on to say she was so distraught she considered becoming a stripper because she did not know what to do.

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