‘No More Excuses’: Rapper 6ix9ine Drops His Exact Location, Dares Goons To Come Find Him In Miami This Weekend

6ix9ine wants all the smoke, as usual. The controversial multi-colored haired rapper is staying true to his branding a head of a headlining show. 6ix9ine is no stranger to drumming up hype by starting issues with his fellow rappers. His abilities to start a beef right before a single or major announcement is unparalleled, and he’s seemingly unafraid of everyone he takes on.

Back in February Showtime made a three-part documentary on the New York rapper and his crazy antics. Titled “Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine” it covered his various beefs and the infamous trial that has permanently associated him with the word “snitch”. Although director Karam Gill hadn’t met or interviewed the rapper, his experience while creating the project led him to describe 6ix9ine as a  “truly a horrible human being”.

He lived up to this title several times over the last few months. He famously asked slain rapper King Von to join him on live despite being very well aware of the young man’s passing. “Somebody tell King Von join my Live right now. I bet he won’t,” he wrote on an IG Post. He also “paid respect” to him by laying out in the street and pretending to be dead. 6ix9ine also posted an image to his social wear a King Von shirt. In the picture, he shows off some big rings and an even bigger chain with rainbow colors that match his hair. “IF A NIGGA KILLA AINT DEAD YOU SHOULDNT WEAR NO RIP SHIRTS” said the caption.

He’s so shameless and disrespectful that his baby mother had to release a statement letting people know that she does not associate with the rapper after several people sent her death threats in hopes of scaring 6ix9ine. Sara Molina took to her social media accounts in February to let fans of the rainbow haired rapper know that his antics and constant trolling had put a target on her and their 5 year old daughters back.

“I’ve been harassed and threatened because of his actions,” she captioned the post. “I have every right to speak on the situation and protect my daughter and myself from [whatever] harm he might put us through with his wreckless beefs that he’s taking on and provoking with people he has no business playing with.”

Finally back on the road, 6ix9ine has been wasting no time drumming up hype for his live shows. He stage dived into a crowd last week, almost losing his chain in the process.

This week he’ll be co-headlining the Trillerfest with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Tyga to name a few. How is he promoting? By telling his enemies to “pull up” to the show. “Ain’t no more f*cking excuses… You looking for me? You know where to find me, n***a” he said in a video of him in a flashy car speeding down an empty street.

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