North Carolina Man Arrested After Being Caught Selling Drugs In Front Of Drug Rehab Center

The world is full of dumb criminals. Everyday people are arrested for committing crimes considered to be very silly or stupid. Viral stories of crimes committed with little to no planning or common sense come out everyday. This week a North Carolina a man was arrested for attempting to sell drugs in front of a drug rehab center. His story harkens back to several other criminals we’ve reported on recent months.

Eric Dion Warren is a Texas man who was arrested for trying to purchase a vehicle with money from a bank robbery. This all took place in the Lubbock County area. The 50 year old confessed to the crime, which was committed in summer of 2019. He reportedly was test driving the BMW, and decided he wanted to purchase it. So he went over to an AIM Bank in Wolfforth. When he arrived at the bank, Warren placed a fast food bag on the counter with a note attached. In the note Warren said “This is a f—— robbery. Play with me and d*e. I want $10,000 in 50 and 100 dollar bills now you got 1 minute or I will k*ll you.” After giving the teller the bag, Warren pulled out what reportedly looked like a firearm and told the bank employee, “I ain’t playing around, I only want 100s and 50s.”

Warren then took the cash and went to the dealership where he attempted to purchase the car. While there the dealership got a call that a robbery was happening nearby and alerted the police that a man was there trying to purchase a car with a large sum of cash. He was eventually arrested.

David Graham is the 37 year old man arrested after deputies received complaints of a strange person loitering in the area of the Drug Rehab Center, authorities confirmed when deputies searched Graham they discovered a large quantity of drugs as well as a firearm. Everything located was immediately seized.

“This is an absolute despicable act to take advantage of the addicted at a location in which they sought help in fighting the devil,” said one of the staff members told FOX News. “Then the devil himself shows up at the doorsteps of a rehabilitation center with no regard for the human being while only being concerned with profits.”

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