Ohio Teen Kidnapped At Age Of 5, Accidentally Solves His Own 13-Year Abduction Case While Applying For College 13 Years Later

Becoming a parent comes with unimaginable pressures, and a lot of times parents do things they believe are for the best even if it breaks the law. An Ohio teen recently discovered this reality when he realized that his father had manufactured fake names and aliases for them after taking him from his mom 13 years prior.

A Washington Post article from 2017 revealed that most children abducted in America are taken by parents. Jane K. Stoever, a clinical professor of law at University of California, said a lot of times these events aren’t even taken serious by officers.

“When my client told me her ex-boyfriend had shown up after a long absence, beaten her and kidnapped their children, I assumed the police would respond quickly and issue Amber alerts. But a D.C. police officer refused even to write a report, dismissing the complaint as a “private family matter” and opining, “What safer place for the children than with their dad?””

When asked by the Post for comments, a D.C. police spokeswoman said that the department “treats each missing persons case with seriousness and utmost zeal. We use the press, social media and a variety of other avenues to locate missing children as quickly as possible.”

An Ohio man took advantage of this flawed system when he took his own son 13 years ago. Despite a national search and media attention, somehow Bobby Hernandez 53, was able to run off with his son Julian without a trace. It was until recently, when the 18 year old was applying for colleges, that he began to discover discrepancies in his social security number and records.

Hernandez pleaded guilty in a Cleveland courtroom to two counts of kidnapping and two counts of interference with custody as well as 10 counts of tampering with records. 

His attorney, Ralph DiFranco, argues that Hernandez has been a model father for Julian who is currently a straight A student and star althlete. He’s hoping Hernandez will receive probation or a minimum prison term when he’s sentenced April 13.

Hernandez knew one day he’d get caught and according to his attorney he’s somewhat happy the whole ordeal is over.

According to the NBC News article, “It hasn’t been explained how Hernandez managed to create new identities and Social Security numbers for himself and Julian; details about their lives in Cleveland haven’t been revealed publicly, either. “He’s very remorseful, and I think he’s relieved that it’s all over with,” DiFranco said.”

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