OJ Simpson Still Owes Ron Goldman’s Family $70 Million, 24 Years Later

June 12, 1994, is a date that OJ Simpson will never forget and that would begin to arrest the media nationwide. OJ Simpson may be walking around as a free man in 2021, but his name and reputation will always carry the heavy burden of his alleged past transgressions.  Simpson was acquitted of all charges for relating to his ex-wife Nicole Brown as well as Ron Goldman but was then ordered by a civil jury to pay millions to the family after finding him liable for wrongful death.  It’s now being reported that the troubled former NFL player is highly in debt to the Goldman family.

Simpson has been living life in Nevada as a free man since his release from prison in 2017.  But Simpson may now need to pay up to Goldman’s family as it’s being reported from TMZ that father to Ron, Fred Goldman, has filed new court documents in hopes to collect.

Simpson was ordered in 1997 to pay $33.5 million in the 1997 civil trial.  Of this amount, it’s been revealed that only $132,849.53 has been paid from Simpson.  In 2015, the initial amount rose to $57 million thanks to the interest accrued.  The amount is now at an astounding $70 million according to reports.  

Fred Goldman claims that Simpson has been making money yet refuses to satisfy the judgement placed on him by civil court.  CBS Sports reports that a judge has denied Goldman’s request for restitution as they need to first identify where Simpson is receiving money.  Goldman and his lawyer state that Simpson “sought to subvert this wrongful death judgment by his abject refusal to pay, much less accept personal responsibility.”

However, Goldman was able to attain some of Simpson’s assets, including video game royalties and rights to his book “If I Did It”.  In 2019, Goldman spoke to NBC News for the 25th anniversary of his son’s untimely passing and reflected on the trial.  

“I was pretty certain, all the way through the trial, that there was going to be a guilty verdict,” Goldman said. “The evidence was overwhelming. I never had any doubts.”  But when the verdict famously returned not guilty by jurors he said “it was hard to comprehend, at that moment, what had just been said. It wasn’t possible. It wasn’t possible that that was their decision. It just didn’t seem possible.”

Although the money awarded to his family still looms from the civil trial, he stated that he wished the outcome had been proper justice served to Simpson.  “It wasn’t about the money — it was about justice,” he said.  

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