Oklahoma Woman Jailed After Police Linked Cheetos Residue On Her Teeth To A Crime

A woman in Oklahoma committed a crime and will now do the time, but the way that she got caught is what is capturing the media’s attention even more so than the crime itself.   

Sharon Carr from Tulsa, OK, was detained and charged with burglary charges after an attempted break-in that did not go according to plan.  Local news reports that police were called to a Tulsa home on February 26th around 8 pm after receiving reports of a potential break-in.

When officers arrived at the location, they noticed the burglar had removed a window screen located at the front of the home.

To their surprise, nothing was taken from the property, and thankfully, all who were present at the time of the attempted burglary were unharmed. Interestingly, authorities did notice a bottle of water and a bag of Cheetos on the floor of the open window where the suspect entered. This led the police to believe that whoever entered dropped them on their way in or out.

It has been widely stated that most criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Perhaps the suspect, in this case, wanted to know whether or not it was safe to return and finish what she was previously unable to do. Or maybe, she came back trying to figure out what police may or may not know. Either way, authorities tell news station KTUL that they noticed Carr “coming out of the shadows.” Once the victim viewed Carr, she was able to identify her as the suspect. What makes the case even more interesting is what they used to identify her.  

Carr was caught red-handed, thanks to remnants of the Cheetos on her person, mainly her teeth. Carr was later arrested on 1st-degree burglary and refused to offer a reason for the attempted break-in.

“A good reminder that Cheeto dust can be pretty hard to get rid of,” the Tulsa Police Department wrote on Facebook. Authorities also made it known in their statement that “This is an arrest, not a conviction.”

This story follows another crime story recently posted in which we reported two women being caught at a Dollar General trying to use counterfeit money.  Amanda McCormick claimed to have received the counterfeit bill, which was “worth” $1 million, from a local church and tried to use the money for “care packages” for those who were experiencing hardships due to the pandemic.  

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