Omarion’s Younger Brother, O’Ryan Speaks Out Days After Raz-B, Demands Chris Stokes Takes Lie Detector Test To Prove His Innocence

Omarion’s brother O’Ryan is adding fuel to long standing allegations made by B2K member Raz-B (Demario Thornton) regarding former manager Chris Stokes. Raz has been publicly seeking that Stokes take a lie detector test in relation to damning accusations stemming from his time working with the group in the early to mid 2000’s. Stokes, who had posted a seemingly innocent comment showing support under a picture of O’Ryan with his daughter Namiko (that he shares with Jhené Aiko), was met with the response “Take the polygraphs” by O’Ryan. 


The response was in reference to an instagram post from January 16th by Raz-B. In the video, he expressed his frustration stemming from the recent shelving of an interview he had scheduled to address the allegations. “Since y’all trying to shut me down publicly by sending out cease-and-desist letters, lets get in the room with the lawyers and let’s take a polygraph test. I’m gonna take the test and when I take the test, you can take whatever it is that you need to do. When you take it, and when you fail, you take this fade and you take that bid ’cause I’m tired of being bullied and I’m not going to be bullied no more.”

The interview, which was scheduled with popular blogger Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, was set to air on Fox Soul and was intended to help Raz-B clear his name and tell his story, one that’s often been overshadowed by his erratic behavior and public outburst. “So I just got off the phone with @foxsoul and the interview with @razb_b2k that was scheduled to air tonight won’t be airing.” stated Lee in an instagram post. 

Shortly after responding to Stokes comment, fans began to flood O’Ryan’s comments also demanding that the former manager take the polygraph and bring some clarity to the situation. 

Stokes, who has yet to respond, has maintained his innocence over the years. Fans posted screenshots of direct message exchanges where he alleges that it was actually Raz-B’s brother Ricardo Thornton who molested the then underage star, and that he is currently serving jail time in Vegas in connection to raping two women.

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