One Man Has Come Forward With Accusations Against T.I. & Tiny Harris, Rapper T.I. Probed By LAPD

T.I and Tiny’s accusations over the last few weeks have been damning to say the least. The power couple have seen their VH1 show pulled and reputation in tatters thanks to a string of incidents stemming from one disgruntled friend.

Sabrina Peterson has made it her mission to bring down the Harris’ ever since they publicly mocked her for telling her story.

If you recall, Peterson went public with accusations that T.I held a weapon to her head in front of kids. When Tiny took to her social media to dismiss Peterson and her claims, Peterson fired back exposing the couples history. Several women came forward to corroborate these claims, with very similar stories of their own.

A lawyer is currently seeking charges against the couple in 2 different states at claiming he has been contacted via phone by over 30 woman. Tyrone A. Blackburn has reached out to state and federal officials in California and Georgia this week for ten women and one man, who have all been victims of Clifford Harris “TI” and his wife, Tameka Harris “Tiny” (collectively, “T&T”).

While many are still trying to process the allegations brought against the couple, troubled rapper Azealia Banks swooped in with the “I told you so.”

Banks has taken issue with T.I for years after the Atlanta mogul co-signed Iggy Azelea early on in her career. T.I went to bat for Iggy at a time where Banks was questioning her use of the term “Slave Master” in her single “D.R.U.G.S”.

Taking to her IG story, Azealia asked “Y’all still never checked TI for saying he was gonna slit my throat and toss me down the stairs over questioning a white woman for calling herself a runaway s-l-a-v-e master.”

She continued “I’m Insane because you all made me this way” before going on to imply that Iggy might have been one of T.I and Tiny’s many victims. “Sad thing is T.I and Tiny probably had igloo drugged up and forcing her into threesomes too!” 

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting, LAPD is actively investigating Rapper T.I.. “There is an active investigation into Clifford Harris,” Officer William Cooper of the LAPD told Deadline on Monday. According to sources the investigation has been going on for a few weeks – with one alleged victim being interviewed last month regarding 2005 incident. According to the accuser, T.I and Tiny invited her back to their hotel room after meeting at a club. Soon after receiving a drink from the rapper, the anonymous woman claimed began to feel sick, finding herself naked in a shower and on a bed with the couple.

Attorney for T.I. and Tiny’s attorney, “The Harrises have not spoken to or been contacted by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) or, indeed, any member of law enforcement from any other jurisdiction in the country.”

LAPD has not confirmed whether or not, Tiny Harris is also being investigated.

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