Megan Thee Stallion and Tyga Both Want A “Freak” in New Video

Tyga’s signed a new record deal with Columbia Records and is off to an expensive start with his latest single “Freak” – which features currently sizzling female rapper Megan Thee Stallion. It’s Tyga’s first since December and he’s back with a vengeance and making it very clear what he wants. Very clear. Teaming with producer […]

“I’m So Proud of Myself”: Cardi B Latest Post Went Viral On Twitter After Revealing Her Natural Hair Length For The First Time Ever

This coronavirus lockdown has everyone oversharing on social media already – celebrities included. Taking us back to basics, the Queen of Hip-Hop Cardi B showed her fans and framily her original hair on Twitter. Who doesn’t know how it goes on wash day when you have a TON of natural hair? Cardi of course keeps […]

A List Of All Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Well, it seems as if this Coronavirus is spreading even among the rich and famous, so you know it’s a wrap for the rest of us. The ramifications of COVID-19 are starting to impact Americans across the board, finally. With the delayed response to the growing outbreak — now officially an pandemic, according to the […]

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley Tested for Coronavirus After Feeling Ill, Currently Under Self Quarantine

NBA legend and sports commentator with NBA on TNT may have contracted Coronavirus while traveling for work, he shared on the air live when calling into his own show. This comes just as Barkley had risked his job after suggesting that March Madness, the NCAA tournament, be canceled. Charles Barkley reveals he fell ill and […]

Fashion First: Naomi Campbell Wears Full Hazmat Suit To Protect Herself From Coronavirus

Fans of Naomi Campbell know that she’s doesn’t play about germs, especially while she travels. She’s made a career of it, as a supermodel that travels the world constantly and as a self-avowed germaphobe. With Coronavirus sweeping the globe at an alarming pace, Naomi has also upped the ante in her own race against the […]

10-year old Kid Handcuffed, Finger Printed and Charged With A Class 5 Felony After Pretending To Play Fortnite’ With A Toy Gun Outside

You wonder why kids stay indoors these days? Well, stories like this show you why. A Fort Carson, Colorado woman is telling her 10-year-old son’s story after he was handcuffed, arrested and charged with a Class 5 felony of Felony Menacing for playing outside with a broken nerf gun. 10-year-old Gavin Carpenter was outside playing […]

“You Lucky I’m A Changed Woman”: Cardi B Goes On Full Attack After Trolls Mock Daughter In Deleted Tweet

Cardi B undeniably sits on the throne of hip-hop right now, but don’t mess with mama’s lion cub. The Queen of the Jungle still has some jungle left in her when it comes to her 2-year-old daughter, Kulture – whom she shares with fellow hip-hop star Offset of The Migos. Hollywood Unlocked captured a now-deleted Twitter […]

Confused Fans Mistake La La Anthony for Beyonce In Voluptuous Tiny Beach Bikini Photos

Actress La La Anthony doesn’t really get mentioned much seemingly in the press but the latest pictures the starlet posted to her Instagram have gotten Hollywood talking! While on vacation in Dominican Republic, La La’s posted some racy pictures that have her celebrity friends saying “Beyoncé?!?” In Punta Cana, DR to celebrate her son Kiyan […]

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