People Are Being Conned To Believe They Dating Celebrities And Paying Thousands Of Dollars

Catfish is one of the most popular shows on television and has exposed the troubling subculture on the internet of people pretending to be someone else for attention, money, or something darker. Despite how popular the term has become, people still fall for some pretty outlandish scams. Let’s take a look at a few folks who believed they were dating celebrities.

Two daughters took their mother to Dr. Phil to see if the television juggernaut could talk some sense into her. The woman not only believed that she was dating Tyler Perry but that somehow she was the mother of his son despite never meeting the film producer in real life. She also sends over 100k to her fake Tyler to help repair his private jet and fund some film projects. While the woman acknowledged that some of her claims seemed outrageous, she maintained that she had no choice but to believe Perry because she loved him.

Last year, a Texas woman was duped out of $100k after believing she was dating Pop crooner Bruno Mars. Chinwendu Azuonwu was the man behind the fake Bruno Mars account, and he was brought in on charges of third-degree felony money laundering. The woman, a 63-year-old, told police she had went on social media looking for a boyfriend and was targeted by the fake Mars asking for money in exchange for love.

Dr. Phil tried to help another woman who fell for a pop star fake out. Grandmother Gail told the audience she was engaged to Post Malone. She said she sent him around $3k to prove to his family that she was not using him for money. Gail also revealed that Malone was controlling her through her cell phone and always had an excuse for why they could not meet.

While everyone is busy trying to secure the Omarion/Nia Long relationship, another Dr. Phil guest named Simone says that the singer is already locked down. According to Simone, they are engaged, but Omarion cannot meet her until she pays his manager $3k. Omarion called in to Dr. Phil to apologize to Simone and confirm that she was not speaking with him.

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