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People Believe Actress Tisha Campbell Confirmed August Alsina’s Stories About Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, The Actress Clears The Air

For those of you trying to keep up, there’s been a bit of trouble, rumors and innuendo swirling around the Internet about Will and Jada Smith, August Alsina and now – add former (or current?) family friends Tisha Campbell and her ex-husband Duane Martin. It seems there is additional layers to the story breaking.

It all started with the release of Alsina’s new project, The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy, which was released June 26th on Shake the World/EMPIRE. Alsina has been a bit absent from the music scene, with his last release dropping in 2015. He’s also dealt with a ton of personal issues in between projects.

However, the allegations that he leveled recently while doing promotion for his new project and return to music have brought him firmly back into the spotlight – and perhaps into the crosshairs of one of Black Hollywood’s most-powerful couples, Will and Jada Smith. Alsina claims that not only was in a relationship with Pinkett, but that he had the blessing of “Big Willie” himself. He also claims that he doesn’t like “drama,” but felt he had to speak out because his character being “in question.”

While neither Will Smith nor Jada Pinkett Smith have directly debunked these rumors, both have issued statements apparently via their representatives. Jada Pinkett Smith’s reps said the claims are “absolutely not true,” Will Smith said the accusations are “wrong.”

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Well, another layer was added when intrepid internet users pointed out a post by Tisha Campbell (who used to be Tisha Campbell-Martin) that seemed to allude to rumors of her own in the past – that intertwined with The Smiths. Duane Martin is best friends with Will and the two have been inseparable over the years. It’s the openly discussed nature of Will and Jada’s marriage and that it’s on their own terms that caused others to maybe wonder if the two best friends were more than that.

Blame it on August Alsina, who fanned the flames of the “open relationship” fire by mentioning it in his interview with Angela Yee. His claims of having a relationship with Jada – with Will’s permission – have sent the internet rumor mill into overtime.

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell were married back in 1996 and called it quits in 2016 after 2 decades of marriage. They’d been in the middle of rocky times financially as well, with the pair also claiming Chapter 7 bankruptcy that same year. While there was a statement from Campbell-Martin at the time requesting privacy, there was no causes ever revealed.

Tisha Campbell is a successful actress, musician and thespian in her own right, having become a child star turned booked Hollywood actress. She seems to keep herself out of the spotlight as much as possible if it’s not for work, and this issue with The Smith’s seems to have her sticking to that tack.

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After she posted a post on her own Instagram right around the time the August Alsina rumors were breaking the Internet, some assumed it to be her weighing in on the situation.

She assured her fans in a later post however that she meant nothing by her post, with regards to anyone else’s business, at all. “I don’t do subtweets. I don’t do messy. It’s not ya girl, sorry! Don’t be pulling me into no mess, I don’t have the time,” she uploaded via Instagram Stories today.

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