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‘Poor Will’: Jada Pinkett Smith Wanted To Delete ‘Entanglement’ Episode After Will Appeared To Be Crying, Says She Wanted To Reshoot It

You’d think that with the furor largely having passed over since their blockbuster reveal that the rumors of Jada Pinkett-Smith having a relationship with August Alsina were true, the Smith’s would have moved on. It seems that they’ve moved on so much that they can joke about it, despite the effects the episode seemed to have on everyone involved.

The Smiths broke their own rules due to “Black Twitter” getting a hold of the story and making it “their business.”

Jada previously said that the “personal journey” she was on with August Alsina had started over 4 years ago. Jada and Will shared that while their initial purposes of connecting with August Alsina was to help him because he was “really sick,” it became a physical relationship – after Will and Jada had apparently “broke up.” “I was done with you,” Will said openly. “It was indefinite,” Jada said, also agreeing that the two “were over.”

Calling it initially an “entanglement,” Jada also clarifies that Will didn’t give his “permission” for her relationship with August. Jada thinks that August thought the “permission” came from the fact that the couple wasn’t together, and August didn’t want to be considered “a homewrecker.”

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“An entanglement?” Will asks Jada, forcing her to admit that the two were in a relationship. However, Jada said that relationship with August helped her to realize that she couldn’t “find happiness” outside of herself, which coincided with her and Will’s healing and eventual reconnection.

“We ride together, we die together, bad marriage for life!” the pair joked as they bumped fists and laughed with each other at the time, which many felt may have been in poor taste but brushed it off. A new video that features the Smith family seems to show however that not only have they moved on, but that the whole thing seemed very silly to them.

Receiving an award from Robin Williams’ son’s organization Bring Change 2 Mind, the family made some candid comments about the now-infamous “entanglement” episode of Red Table Talk, in which Will became a lightning rod of sympathy due to some memes – even if he wasn’t actually “sad.”

“I’m not sad a lot. I think because I drink so much coffee I get dehydrated, and it makes my eyes water,” Will said while getting into place to film with Jada looking on. After she gives him a “hmph,” Will says “People think I’m crying all the time. I’m not crying.” Jada then says, “He’s not. Such a shame,” while shaking her head and adding “He doesn’t cry.”

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The video then cuts to a screenshot of Will from their episode of RTT, with the red eyes and somber face, that became an instant meme – along with the word “entanglement.”

“It was midnight, we were shooting at midnight, because we were trying to rush to the airport in the morning,” Will says of his red eyes – not because he had been crying over what had transpired with Jada. She adds “I should have stuck to my first gut, which is reshoot the whole damn thing.”

Will chimes in, agreeing with Jada but ultimately fine with the results. “That’s what I said, I said reshoot it but it played out – everybody was like ‘poor Will’,” before both of them laughed at the fact that people thought that Will was actually “sad.” They also say that they discussed whether the chat should be “serious” or “funny,” ultimately deciding that Jada made it “too serious.”

“They love themselves some Will,” he ends, with Jada giving him a hearty “whatever!”

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See the clip below.

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