Pope Francis Caught Engaging With Adult Star, Margot Foxx On Instagram, Model Shares Screenshot Of The Pope Liking Her Picture

Once is an accident but twice is on purpose and now people are calling the Pope out for his Instagram thot ways. The official Instagram account of the Pope was caught, for a second time, liking a model’s scantily clad picture. Now, people want more answers than it being an accident.

One can’t escape the fact that the global crisis has taken a toll on many, many people in unexpected ways. Everything has been upended and people have been in the house for months, with only their social media apps to keep them warm. Part of the social media game is also being “canceled,” but is it even possible for the Pope to be canceled?

Gospel singer Erica Campbell of the award-winning Gospel group Mary Mary has spoken on the fact that even cancel culture may have roots in the church. While the elder sister of Mary Mary toes the line as much as she can, her sister suffered “cancellation” for her support of President Donald Trump and her “prayers” for him. 

Erica thinks that the church is a breeding ground for cancel culture and spoke up while appearing on a recent podcast about the connection between the two. Making “cancel culture” their topic, the artist sat down with Stephanie Ike on her show The Same Room, alongside The Shade Room founder Angelica Nwandu and actress Megan Good, to discuss how it intersects heavily with the Black church – and may have even started there.

“It stems from a warped sense of ‘Let me protect the Gospel. Let me protect Jesus from you people who don’t represent him well,’” Campbell explained.

“Listen, if you look in the scripture, the same ones doing this now are the same ones who crucified him,” Campbell went on. “The same people who said, ‘Hosanna in the highest’ are the same ones who said, ‘Crucify him.’

Perception is everything in this life however, especially when it comes to social media. Hence, shock at the Pope’s account liking the picture of a woman who is an adult model.

Margot Foxx tweeted a picture of a screenshot from her Instagram account, with the caption “uhhh the pope liked my picture?”

It’s the second time this has happened, when back in November, the Pope’s official account “liked” a racy image of Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto.

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