Porsha Williams Dragged After Revealing She Purposely Had A Baby With Dennis McKinley Because He Has A Business and His Own Place

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is facing the heat for the rhetoric she chose to use while discussing her reasoning for choosing her baby’s father, Dennis McKinley.  No doubt echoing the spoken or unspoken sentiments of many women, she still received backlash for giving her personal reasons as to why her sights were set on McKinley.

Concordia University conducted a study on a principle known as the “framing effect”, where we as humans are hard-wired to prefer a more “positive option”.  Published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, the framing effect was shown to be more prevalent in women than men.  

“When it comes to mate selection, women are more attuned to negatively framed information due to an evolutionary phenomenon called ‘parental investment theory,’” states Professor Gad Saad, co-author of the journal.  “Choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and for her offspring. So we hypothesized that women would naturally be more leery of negatively framed information when evaluating a prospective mate.”

Williams previously found love with ex-husband Kordell Stewart, until their unfortunately public and messy divorce.  After almost giving up on love, she revealed on DISH Nation that McKinley coming into her life in that capacity couldn’t’ have happened at a more perfect time.  The two became engaged as well as parents to a baby girl, 1-year old Pilar Jhena McKinley.  

However, after much speculation from fans, Williams confirmed on a December 6th episode of Watch What Happens Live that the couple had called it quits.  “We are single. We are exactly that, single. But we’re very cordial,” Porsha said, responding to a fan’s question, adding that they still weren’t living together anymore, but ”have a great co-parenting relationship.”

With the new season of RHOA upon us, fans are seeing deeper into the lives of where the new mother is currently in her life, and a clip serving as the preview for the upcoming episode is circulating around the Internet showing Williams being more candid about her relationship with Dennis.  “When it comes to PJ, the parts that I do get sad about is that I wish we could have worked out and for Dennis to be in the house,” Porsha admitted to her mother and sister. “But when I look at it, I know that Dennis is such a powerful father figure. I honestly feel like as much as I’m going to put into her to know about the real sh-t going on in the world, he will too.”

She then went on to admit that her selection of McKinley and decision to become pregnant was no accident, rather she had purposely done so because he checked off many attributes on her list.  “I picked him. She wasn’t no mistake. I laid down and I knew what was going to happen. I knew! I was like, ‘Oh, he got his own place.’ Look the leg started right here,” she said as she jokingly raised her leg. “‘Oh, he got his own place. He got his own business. Oh, he ain’t got no kids. Oh, he said he wants marriage. Oh, he wants to be with me. Oh, he said I’m cute. Impregnant me!”

Her statements split many of her fans, but most felt her comments were the reason that she is currently without her baby’s father.  “At least she’s honest lol,” wrote one fan, while another chimed in saying “Tell your truth so no one else can tell it for you.”  Another came in defense of her choice of McKinley, saying “At least she picked a stable man unlike a lot of other people. And at least he actually wanna be with her unlike Kenya husband who don’t want her.”

However, she was met with much criticism. “She trapped him idc what y’all say,” exclaimed one user, “and I been thought that before she said this!”  Another writes, “She too pretty to come off so desperate. This embarrassing.”  One user’s comments seemed to sum up many of those who were in disapproval of her statement.  “TRAP GAME STRONG …. but you get done dirty,” they wrote.

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