Porsha Williams Slammed After Revealing She ‘Lifted Her Legs’ To Get Pregnant By Dennis For Stability, Says She ‘Picked Him’ Because He Has His Own Place and Business

Porsha Williams said what she said!  Some commentary pertaining to her choice in the father of her child became a recent topic of discussion on social media after first appearing on a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  However, no matter what the fans think, Williams is standing by her words.

Although Porsha and Dennis McKinley, father to their daughter Pilar Jhena, are currently not together anymore, it appears that she has absolutely no regrets about her decision to have a baby with him.  “When it comes to PJ, the parts that I do get sad about is that I wish we could have worked out and for Dennis to be in the house,” Porsha said while in conversation with family on RHOA. “But when I look at it, I know that Dennis is such a powerful father figure. I honestly feel like as much as I’m going to put into her to know about the real sh-t going on in the world, he will too.”

Williams didn’t hold back, however, when it came to the decision to make him her baby’s father.  Intentions set, she revealed “I picked him. She wasn’t no mistake,” she boasts. “I laid down and I knew what was going to happen. I knew! I was like, ‘Oh, he got his own place.’ Look the leg started right here,” she said while raising her leg. “‘Oh, he got his own place. He got his own business. Oh, he ain’t got no kids. Oh, he said he wants marriage. Oh, he wants to be with me. Oh, he said I’m cute. Impregnate me!”

Some fans found no fault in her sentiments, while others felt as though her statements were preposterous.  But on a recent episode of Dish Nation, co-host Gary With Da Tea wanted to make sure that Williams caught wind of the criticism.  Porsha then shares that there’s nothing wrong with her “list of attributes” and that those who disagree with her really have no reason to. 

“Tell me what they had. What problems did they have?” she asked. “The fact that I chose somebody that has a job? The fact that I chose somebody that – I want to know what problem. We women these days need to pick the right men, honey! Need to pick a man with a job, with a good head on his shoulders, he want a family, all of them things was checked off honey so it went down!”

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