Prayers Up: R&B Singer Tank Emotionally Reveals To Fans He’s Going “Completely Deaf” Out Of Nowhere In His Right Ear, Says He’s Also Losing Sound In Left Ear

Singer Tank is a staple in contemporary R&B. In addition to writing hits for the likes of Jamie Foxx, Aaliyah, Chris Brown, Beyonce and many more, he’s also an established solo star with a handful of gems to his name. The “Please Don’t Go” hitmaker works hard, and keep his name in the headlines thanks to his different interviews, projects and army of thirsty fans who make every shirtless picture of him instantly viral. Using his platform today for good, Tank took to social media to share some encouraging words paired with a shocking confession.

Tank has always been unfiltered when it comes to discussing topics others may deem uncomfortable or hard. Last month we reported on conversations he’s had throughout his career about his sexuality. As an attractive R&B singer, Tank has his fair share of admirers both male and female. He’s never shy’d away from this often playing into it, causing some to speculate about his sexuality. Over his careers he’s had to field rumors about his sexuality, often speaking out on the negative effects of weaponizing homosexuality towards men of color.

During an interview with Angela Yee he discussed the perception of sexuality and why its not as black and white as some people make it seem. During their discussion Tank explained that he felt being intimate with another man doesn’t necessarily mean someone is homesexual if it only happened “once or twice.” In a separate interview he defended this stating “We were talking about two lies and if that makes a person a liar…and I said ‘I don’t think that makes a person a liar’…not me – hypothetically. I was clear when I was born, know what I am…know what I want…and somehow it became ‘Tank is gay.’”

Continuing with his ability to have tough discussions, Tank got personal today in an Instagram post about a recent health issue he’s struggling with. The singer revealed that he is actually going deaf in his right ear, with his left ear appearing to be following suit.

“So I’m going through something right now, and I want to use my situation to encourage your situation.” He continued “I’m going completely deaf in my right ear, and I’m kind of losing sound in my left. I’m dizzy [and] can’t walk a straight line. All of this out of nowhere! Don’t know why or how. I’ve seen the doctors. Got the MRI, all that good stuff going on. Medication, all of that.”

Despite the unfortunate news Tank wants fans to remain encouraged and fight through whatever they are struggling through as he plans to do with this.

“It still hasn’t given me a reason to give up. Still hasn’t given me a reason to stop feeling like I can do and be everything that I’ve set out to be. The goals are still the same; to be great! to be the greatest! And I want to say that to you too.”

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