Pregnant Mother Of Six Accused Of Stealing Actress Taraji P. Henson’s Identity

If you come for Cookie, you best not miss. That should be the new quote. The sage television advice originally delivered by Michael K. Williams’ Omar Little on The Wire, substituted “King” in place of “Cookie”, but these are different times that call for different solutions.

Allegedly, Alicia Newby, a 29-year-old Chicago resident, tried it, ya’ll. Chicago’s ABC 7 news is reporting that the young woman, (gotta love her entrepreneurial spirit!), has been charged with “continuing criminal financial enterprise,” a felony level offense. Those infractions reportedly involve identity theft of several individuals and their respective credit card information, with the most notable of these victims being Taraji P. Henson, aka, Empire’s Cookie Lyon.

Criminal Prosecutors indicated that her efforts racked up over $12,000 in fraudulent transactions. This excludes a $4,000 item that Henson’s management sniffed out and swiftly cancelled last August. Additionally, the Chicago Tribune reported that Newby designated certain purchases to be delivered to an address that had utilities established under Taraji’s name.

After being booked via search warrant by local authorities, Newby has since been release on $10,000 signature bail and at-home monitoring.

The audacity of this woman to try to steal from Jody’s girl, though?!? We’ve seen Taraji in action…in Baby Boy, in Proud Mary, in Smokin’ Aces, in Hustle and Flow, etc. etc. It’s just something about the way her mouth curves and her eyes enlarge that suggest that she might be “not the one” in real life. Like, sadistic is a place she can go on camera way too easy for at least not to be at least mildly authentic. She’s from the DMV, as well? Consider this a warning, pray tell.

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