“Princess Done Lost Her Husband To Wendy Williams?!”: Wendy Williams & Ray J Spark Dating Rumors After Being Spotted Together Holding Hands

Wendy Williams has been a single woman for a few months now. The recently divorced daytime television host has been keeping busy with her hit show and budding social life. Williams takes to the air every week to dish on her dates, outings and the men she’s been entertaining since leaving husband Kevin Hunter. The latest man on Wendy’s radar, reality star Ray J.

Details of Wendy’s dating life have gone public in the wake of her divorce. She explored some of it during her Lifetime double feature biopic and documentary. In it she opens up about her short lived romance with Eric B. The two meet in the early 90’s at a party, and according to Williams they quickly hit it off. The relationship lasted for a little under a year, during which time Williams helped rent Eric B a car when he was having issues with his ride. Unbeknownst to Williams, Eric kept the car way past the time he was suppose to. The result, Williams was almost arrested for not returning the car on time, and her credit was left in shambles. The relationship dissolved shortly after, but Williams found out she was pregnant. She terminated the pregnancy alone, and if the movie is anything to go by, never crossed paths with Eric again.

She also recently claimed that Da Brat tried to hit her on as well. During a recent segment of Hot Topics she divulged how Brat tried to “hit on her”. Wendy explains their alleged exchange saying, “[She was] like, ‘So whatchu doin’?’ I’m like, ‘Da Brat, I’m minding my own business. What do you mean?’ ‘Is you alone?’ Oh she tried it. Oh please! I said, ‘Look here, Brat, we are friends. Like, I’m a girl who’s your friend, that’s it.’”

Well it looks like now she and Ray J are getting close. Via her instagram, she posted a picture with a mysterious man captioned “Guess who’s treating me to brunch?” She dropped more hits saying “He’s very cute [and] very married. I’m close to his family [and] he is my little brother.” Pictures of the two walking arm in arm around NYC hit the net. They seemed very cozy and happy together. While they may look like an item, Wendy did say “little brother”, so it seems platonic.

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