Irv Gotti Called Out By Multiple NYC Rappers & Producers For Detailing Cause Of DMX’s Passing

Hip-Hop icon DMX’s passing is still on everyone’s minds as people continue to uplift his legacy and dissect his final days. The Yonkers MC was beloved by millions for his infectious anthems throughout his career, cult classic films and philosophical interviews. Many have tried to figured out what exactly might have brought the rapper to such a tragic end. While he is known for having a history of addiction, many thought he was back on the straight and narrow after seeking treating a couple years ago.

Born Earl Simmons, DMX entered rehab several times throughout his life including in 2002, 2017, and most recently 2019, when he cancelled concerts. DMX was initially introduced to drugs at a young age. He was 14 years old when a neighborhood friend tricked him into smoking a laced-joint. X also struggled with bipolar and often self medicated to help sort through it. Unfortunately he lost his battle after being found unresponsive on April 2nd. He was initially rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack believed to have been brought on by an OD. New outlets reported him to be unresponsive and then comatose, before family members decided to pull the plug on April 9th.

Friends and family of DMX were painfully aware of his struggle. At his wake, friend Lyor Cohen spoke candidly about DMX and his different personality, saying he always felt like the more aggressive sides of him would would succumb to addiction but he was hoping the stronger sides would prevail. “I knew you were going to run into a wall, the unfortunate thing is you took my friend Earl Simmons with you.”

Irv Gotti, another friend of DMX, decided to take it upon himself to speculate and reveal to fans the true cause of DMX’s passing. In an instagram live interview he spoke through tears about his friend and what he believed happened to him. “They said it was a bad dose of crack,” Irv Gotti claimed. The producer went on to claim the substance was mixed with other meds and that’s what overall caused his passing. He also “confirmed” that X had COVID at the time he was omitted, which made things more complicated.

A lot of people were not happy with Irv for “disclosing” information. 50 Cent took to his social media to point fun at the Murder Inc CEO and his decision to talk before X’s family could confirm why he passed. In a video replaying Irv’s interview, he captioned the post “This guy is a idiot, 👀.” Swizz Beatz agreed under 50 Cent’s comment section that it was a “Bozo move” for Gotti to share those details. Rapper Jadakiss also commented “Wing.”

In his own post, Irv acknowledged that he spoke “out of turn” and apologized for the interview. “1st off. Let me say again. How much I love my n***a X. The fact that this is coming into Question is the only reason why I feel the need to address the bs.” He went on to say he did not disclose new info and that he only said things already reported in the media. “Now the interview I did for @wgci and @kendragmedia is the interview where I said what I said about DMX. Now Everything I said. Had already been reported in the media. “

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