Producer Tyler Perry Trending On Twitter For Having Black Male Actor Admit He Likes His Prostate Tickled On His BET Show, Sistas

Tyler Perry’s taken over BET’s television content for better or worst. Perry has always been criticized for the quality of his work. Fans have pointed to poor acting, bad wigs and cringe worthy stories as the culprit. His latest series Sistas is getting a lot of attention today on twitter after fans have pointed out some pretty awkward performances from actor Anthony Dalton in recently episodes.

Perry’s crowning achievement outside of his incredible production studio would most certainty be the character of Madea. She has been the focal point of much of his content over the years, one of the few undebatable assets in his multi-media universe. Back in March after the interview between Oprah Winfrey and The Dutch and Dutches of Sussex came out, Perry emerged as an unlikely hero. Meghan Markle and husband Prince Harry revealed that Perry offered his house to the pair after they had been forced to flee to the states from Canada following a breach in security.

Following the reveal of his generosity, fans began petitioning on social media for him to bring Madea out of retirement. Ana Navarro tweeted, “I want to start a petition asking @tylerperry to get “Madea” out of retirement and fly her on his private jet to England to do a limited engagement at the Royal Albert Hall.” Another said “Tyler Perry is better than The Queen. Now I want “Madea’s Royal Holiday.” #OprahMeghanHarry

While he has not confirmed or denied if he will be bringing Madea back, he is definitely not planning on stopping with the new original content he’s been making on BET. Sistas is one of many new shows on the network by Perry, with The Oval, Ruthless, Assisted Living and Bruh.

Sistah’s actor Anthony Dalton is giving fans a good laugh this week thanks to some choice dialog and acting decisions made by himself and the team. Dalton plays Calvin Rodney, a character who recently revealed that he might be too much for his on screen love interest Sabrina Hollins, played by Novi Brown. While trying to break up with her, he reveals that he feels she may be uncomfortable with his two fathers, laced underwear, and desire to have his “prostate tickled”. Fans have pair this with other scenes of the actor comedically falling over after being punched and more to illustrate that maybe Perry needs to finally hire writers and give his content a well needed face lift.

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