R. Kelly Associate Plead Guilty To Arson After Setting His Ex, Azriel Clary’s Car On Fire To Silence Her

People question why R. Kelly went years and years with so much speculation and no real charges against him. Well in the time since his initial arrest, its become obvious why. The Chicago R&B star’s team worked very hard to insure their main attraction was able to continue his lifestyle as guilt free as possible so that they could continue to benefit off his success. Well now as more and more people come forward, the truth about how his associates were able to keep him a free man through threats, bribes and more is coming to light.

Page Six reported today that an R. Kelly associate took a plea deal on Monday for trying to silence a witness in the R&B singer’s racketeering case by setting her SUV on fire. Michael Williams, 38, agreed to one count of arson for burning up the vehicle, rented by the young lady’s father, which was parked in front of their Kissimmee, Florida, home while she and her family were inside.

“The plea agreement is fair in that the witness tampering charge as it relates to R. Kelly will be dismissed at sentencing,” said defense lawyer Todd Spodek. He will face a minimum of 60 months in prison and a maximum of 71 months under federal sentencing guidelines.

Two hours before the incident on June 11, the suspect searched the woman’s address in his phone. The fire resulted an explosion that alerted people nearby. When they came outside to see what happened they reported saw “an individual fleeing from the scene whose arm appeared to be lit on fire.”

Azriel Clary, the young woman in question, is a singer and former girlfriend of Kelly. In an interview with The Sun in 2020 she detailed her relationship with him and how he kept people under his control. “For the most part he blackmails everyone. He makes everyone do very degrading stuff, whether on film or writing it down, he makes them sign it,” Clary said.

“I definitely do believe that I was very naive and very brainwashed and manipulated by him,” Clary told the Sun. “And as much as I hate to say it, I’m woman enough and I’m grown enough to admit that yes, I was brainwashed and yes, I was manipulated. And yes, this man did have me wrapped around his finger. If he would have told me to jump, I would have said, ‘How high?’ It was all in because I just genuinely just loved him and I love hard.”

Kelly is locked up awaiting trial in Brooklyn federal court on more than a dozen criminal counts. The three-time Grammy Award winner faces a separate indictment in Chicago, where he is also charged.

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